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Nicholas Yankovec (nickyank)
Tournament Report - 2E - Omarion Nebula Regional
2015-05-02 - 10:30 AM
Ah, Denmark and Danish bacon and Danish pastres, two wonderful things from the land of the vikings! I arrived Wednesday morning, very early, from London, for a work conference type thing. Aparantly Denmark is also the world leader in community heating schemes... Friday, Søren and his wonderful family took me to a museum in Aarhus, where I saw terracotta warriors from China, and lots of olde viking relics. But Saturday saw the beginning of the Danish Regionals. I could only fit three decks into my hand luggage (no stowed luggage allowed) so I brought three decks. NuDominion, Khaaaan, and Klingons. Unsure what to play, I let Jadziadax (Maggie) on the boards decide for me, and I ended up playing Khan.

Round 1DS9Bjarke RasmussenFW (+35)
Bjarke was playing DS9. I got a win!

Round 2DS9Soren Ramme NielsenFL (-95)View opponent's Report
Søren was playing DS9. I lost! I really have no recollection of playing Søren, how bad is that!

Round 3RomulanTobias RausmannML (-45)
A long tiring game, Tobias' killer pile or ALC not having too much of an impact on me, although Dirty Dukat, Far Seeing Eyes and some other cards really stripped me of some key personnel. A long drag out fight, and Tobias got the modified win.

Round 4RomulanLoke AndersenMW (+5)
Ah, the best new deck I saw all weekend. Gamma Romulans, using Stokoron and The Die Is Cast. Unstoppable Romulan machine that walks through missions. Seriosuly good, and worth checking out.

Round 5FerengiJakob MadsenFL (-65)
Jakob's deck had lots of ways to spend extra counters using equipment. Nice little deck.

Closing Thoughts
This shall be known as the weekend of poor dilemma playing. Holy crap, I not only couldn't skill track, I couldn't track the skills on my own dilemmas! In one game I played Well Prepared Defences, followed by WNOHGB. He had one Leadership, but I managed to get the skills mixed up - I thought it was Astro, Lead and Physics OR Exo, Nav and Medical, so stopped his only Navigation personnel, d'uh. Must improve before Europeans...