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Soren Ramme Nielsen (s_ramme)
Tournament Report - 2E - Omarion Nebula Regional
2015-05-02 - 10:30 AM
DS9Niners have Again Emerged Triumphant at the Omarion Regional
Once again the Danish Regional and Nationals were packed together into one great weekend of Trek and I had been looking forward to it for a long time. As is almost tradition by now, Nick and Tobias came all the way to attend and it was very good seeing them again. I had been contemplating several decks prior to the tournament, but I couldn't make up my mind. I the end I made too many different decks that I didn't have time to test properly, which also took time away from working on my dilemma pile. I finally decided to go with a tried and trusted DS9 solver, but added some of the new cards for extra speed and the new Sisko for attribute boost. The dilemma pile was really just an old one with an added Indecent Proposal.

Round 1TNGPeter H. MøllerFW (+40)
I guess Peter could not get a new deck ready that he had confidence in, and decided to play it safe like me. I do not hold that against him. His TNG speed deck is lightning fast and Peter plays it to perfection, so when a regional title is at stake it seemed like an obvious choice. I am always anxious when I play against that deck. Unless you have a deck that is just as fast (which mine is not quite), you need to throw a couple of "wrenches" in the machinery at the right time or you will be run over. To my luck I had a decent opening hand with Muniz out fast an cheap personnel to get going. Peter on the other hand had to draw a while to get a ship and I managed to get rid of all his exobiology at his planet mission (Necessary Execution) meaning he had to dig some more for replacements. In the mean time he went to space where another kill and a well timed Holding Cell for Riker meant that he was destaffed and once again lost some momentum. In the end it was just enough for me to take the full win before Peter for certain would have completed his final mission on his next turn. 100-60.

Round 2Hell's HeartNicholas YankovecFW (+95)View opponent's Report
Nick was playing Khan thanks to Maggie. He seemed to struggle a bit with his draws and it took a while before he was able to attempt his first mission. Meanwhile I was out attempting fairly quickly. I do not remember much about my own mission attempts, but I do remember using Holding Cell to get Udar, who always seem to screw me over when I play against Khan decks, which meant that I could take out mission skills without him jumping in front. When Silik hit the table I could use Secret Identity to make sure the rogue borgs would end the attempt. Nick never did finish his first mission, but could have had he not blown up his Tricorder with a Grav-plating trap to destroy my Holding Cell before attempting his mission, where Necessary Execution would not have been enough to stop him from completing. But with no Geology left it was and I believe that I solved my third mission on my next turn for the full win. 100-5.

Round 3FerengiJakob MadsenFW (+65)
Jakob was playing a smaller version of the Ferengi Equipment deck that I use. The deck can get some massive turns where you can spend a ridiculous amount of counters (my personal record is 42 counters on one turn!). Jakob had some bad draws though and never got the engine going. Still he was out attempting fast and solved Falsify Distress Signal on the first go, because I had not noticed him playing a Ferengi Computer, and thus miscalculated how many I had to stop. Jakob's dilemma pile had a hard time stopping me too though, and I was able to complete my last mission while he was working on his second. Full win. 100-35.

Round 4RomulanTobias RausmannFW (+50)
Against Tobias' Romulans with Farseeing eyes and a kill pile, I knew I would have to get as much kill prevention out before he could remove it from my deck. When I drew my opening hand I was happy to find Quark, Under Siege and Julian Bashir. I used Quark's download to get Sao Paulo and managed to get Medical Teams out as well. It took me a little while longer than usual to build a crew, and Tobias even blasted right through Assess Contamination because I screwed up the dilemma order. But when I was ready, I solved both my space missions on the first go and only lost one guy in the process. As I recall, Tobias went on to work on Commandeer Prototype, but got stopped and I could dual attempt my way to victory on my next turn because of an unlucky dilemma draw from Tobias. Full win. I do not remember the score (100-50?).

Round 5DominionMorten SandbergMW (+10)
Final round against Morten's new dominion solver. I was quite relieved to only play against Dominion once as I have not got any way of scoring bonus points, and knew that I would probably have to solve all my missions. Fortunately my deck was out fast or this would certainly have been a loss, but still Morten held me off in space with Tactical Disadvantage. Meanwhile, he was working on his missions and even completed his first in one go. I had taken out Remata'Klan with a Holding Cell, because all that excluding personnel from random selections can really screw up your dilemma plays and because I knew that he probably had a hand full of cheaters. Turns out I was right. In fact, he had three interrupts in hand and burned two to get rid of Holding Cell and the last (Dominion Hierarchy) to pass my Gomtuu. On my final round, after time was called, I solved Torga IV (thanks to Melora Pazlar's awesome ability), but could not quite solve Historical Research. As I went first, Morten had one more turn, but luckily I managed to stop his attempt at Torga IV by stopping his Vorta with Indecent Proposal which meant that he had to solve by using integrity and he had exactly 34 left. Whew, close one. Modified Win. 85-75 (?).

Closing Thoughts
All in all a fantastic day of playing Trek and hanging out with great people. I cannot believe I won, but very happy to. Hopefully, I get to go to Munich to make use of the unexpected bye. Thank you to all who participated. You guys rock! /Søren