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Matthew Hayes (karonofborg13)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Andoria Regional
2011-04-02 - 12:00 PM
KlingonWe're having a Party (a War Party), and yes, we brought Cake. [my doubly Odd death deck o' doom's motto is "Overwhelm, Devastate, & Decimate / Obliterate, Desecrate, & Destructify"]
okay, round 2 at trying to enter this report. (the first time I saved the first round info, then, worked on the remaining rounds and just when i hit save, for the full report, the site/system had already logged me off, grrrr, lost about an hour to an hour and a half of writing time.) Anyhow, in analyzing my track record at our previous three Regionals of the last few years, I decided to throw out the usual playbook, and play an interactive as h- e- double hockey sticks decktype that would never, at least in the design process, bother with attempting missions. My further goal, with originally five rounds planned for the event, decided I was 'shooting for Blackjack.' That is, my intent was to blow up as many as 21 ships over the course of the day, four in each round, with a fifth in one of any of the rounds. When the TD, excuse me, Event Organizer, declared we would only play four rounds, I realized that goal was shot to (the aforementioned) h-e-double hockey sticks. Oh well.

Round 1TNGMatthewScott DaleFW (0)
MatthewScott, or 'Scotty' as Chris Volk dubbed him awhile back, back when at the time when we had three of us Matthews playing locally, me, Weitzema, and this fine young gentleman, to differentiate, is a definite up-and-comer. He may be young, but, he has a very good grasp of the game. Not to mention, that he has a pretty solid TNG two mission kill deck that has nearly beaten me twice before. So, I was expecting this and he didn't disappoint. He got his Enterprise-D (Personal Flagship) into play quickly along with a good staffing crew of 9 personnel in relative short order. Meanwhile, I built up my Klingon squadron of three ships, the Rotarran, the Kla'Diyus, and the Ning'tao, along with crews for each, plus a few of the 'P' cards (the Point Blank Strike, Precise Attack and their brethren), Call to Arms, etc. and when he went out to his first mission, succeeded in mega-stopping the majority of his crew with An Issue of Trust, followed by the 1-2 Punch of Gomtuu Shock Wave. He was a sitting duck. My Klingon forces launched the first of the day's engagements and swooped in, proceeded to blow his precious D to smithereens (via the P card, the CTA scoring of 10 pts. and the immediate loss of 5 pts. to d/l a third damage card by way of the Ning'tao). He took the loss in relative stride (I think) and soldiered on, rebuilding with the Enterprise-E (Federation Envoy) and a crew of 7. Smartly, he went to his other space mission. With 5 or 6 events in my core, I drew into my first Tsiolkovsky Infection [pronounced Sill - Koff - Ski], along with a couple of good cheap stoppers to put in front of it, which got three of the crew killed, followed by Prefix Codes. Oh look, a damage marker! He got the mission on the following turn, as it took my two turns to draw into another couple of 'p' cards. However, upon mission completion, he failed to fly home. Ooops. I then played a couple of 'p' cards, flew my squadron to his location and subsequently obliterated the E. Two ships down! He was bummed, but, like the good gamesman he is, he decided to keep on. I had about 20 or 30 points from my CTA at this point. He got what he declared was his third and final ship into play, the Nebula, and a command staffer and a Staff peep. He lamented, "if you blow up my third ship..." and as I built up more, he drew into his last couple of cards and unfortunately for him, his last playable personnel was legen...wait for it...dary (for me), drumroll please, Vash! No staffing icon. His ship couldn't even make the journey out from Earth to attempt a mission. He conceded. I understood, and while my deck did exactly what it was built for, particularly for a couple of the players I would face later in the day, I apologized for the brutality I heaped on him, and offered him a slew of rares from my prize binder to both soften the blow and so that my Klingon warriors could tip their figurative 'hats' (not that they wear such, anyway) to the glory and honorable battle this worthy adversary provided for us. A true sportsman and a sheer pleasure I've had the opportunity to mentor over the last year and a half. I wished him Qapla! in his future rounds and, lo and behold, ours was the first game to finish in this opening round. Opening tally: 2 ships.

Round 2RomulanIan ParmenterMW (0)
Ian. One of our best players, maybe not in overall performance, but, certainly in the "it's going to be a fun and/or interesting game" kind of way. Ian's always been a good opponent and for that I thank him for making 'our scene' the much more enjoyable type. I believe we were all expecting him to run his well-played DS9 "Holding Cell's 'R' Us incorporated" deck, but, what with the unique errata it received most recently, he built this fairly straightforward Rommie NZ/Romulus System solver. PNZ, Investigate Destruction, Investigate Massacre and the Reman mines mission. He got out with a D'deridex and a crew of six in relative short order. I had been building up my war machine in the meantime. He got stopped up by my combo at Inv. Destr. which put a Gomtuu Shock Wave on said D'deridex and I maneuvered my Ning'tao into place (with CTA in my core, naturally) and obliterated his first ship and crew on my following turn. He began to rebuild, getting a second D'deridex into play, and another crew of 6. He changed tactics, intelligently so, and decided a run at Inv. Massacre, was on the docket. He dropped off his away team, and flew the ship home. All the while while I was under some Reman Subterfuge. His at attempted, I drew into a Dark Page and my first Whisper in the Dark, iirc, and succeeded in killing three of the unstopped six. My turn, I sent the Rotarran & Ning'tao over, with a just played All-Out War in my core, and beamed down four bloodthirsty warriors to finish off the prior survivors. He continued on, and at some point, with another successful Gomtuu keeping him from flying home, I was able to use both ships to attack in succession with two of the three 'p' cards I also had in play, and with the Ning'tao, d/l'ed the third damage marker decimating ship no. 2. At this point, I had earned 50 battle points off of Call to Arms and all the bloodbath I had delivered. This was where I had to change my strategy, and I felt dirty for it, DIRTY! I tells ya. That is, I realized I had to go try and attempt missions, if I wanted the full win. So, my crews combined to go make a run for TCS (Transport Crash Survivor) and he made me work for it in either two or three attempts. This put me at 80-0. He followed up by nabbing Inv. Massacre, putting us at my 80-his 30. I made an all out last ditch effort (on my last turn) at Survey New World, and knowing that Ian's been famous for running his dp's with both Timescape and No Kill I, I made the decision to bully it, as I was not going to be Timescaped. My away team of 15 beamed down, he drew, and as he was agonizing over what to hit me with, I breathed a small sigh of relief that he must not have drawn into NKI. Yay for me. Unfortunately, he hit me with a 5 card combo (that's when I knew NKI was not there, fantastic!) However, the combo went something like this... Chula: the Chandra, Lending a Hand, The Clown: Guillotine, Dark Page, We'll Never Know. Wouldn't ya know it, Chandra stopped Smiley (Physics) plus another peep, LAH got Ian's choice of two of my Physics peeps stopped (and I had only a ship and an event in hand when this happened, so no replacement to join the at), he named Engineer for Guillo and got my last one, Alexander Rozhenko (Good Luck Charm), so no other Engineer kill, a partial whiff, but, another Physics, Dark Page stopped some anthro peep, and WNK, even though I had 9 warriors left, only one of them had Physics! He had succeeded in killing/stopping four out of five of my team's Physics. Grrr. So, as I was first turn player, Ian got one more turn, in which he hoped for a 'Hail Mary' pass, that of, if he could complete his Inv. Destr. he'd score the mod win, 60- my 80 (his planet and would-be space, to my space, and battle points). He sent over something like 7-9 peeps on his third ship, and while two were already under, IIRC, I was able to draw into a two or three card combo that held him up, and kept victory (albeit modified) in my hands! My MW, 80-30. For the challenge he provided me, I also gave him run at my prize binder, to make up for the (out-of-the-norm-for-me) vicious deck I had unleashed on him. 2nd round tally: 4 ships.

Round 3TOSKris SonstebyFL (0)View opponent's Report
Kris brought a very powerful TOS deck, one I've actually had a version of, at least draw deck-wise, not dp-wise admittedly, that steamrolled over me. I also had a heck of a time drawing into personnel this game. What didn't help was that each turn, once my core events were on the table for him to observe, he'd fly his Connie out to drop a team of 6 planetside and fly back to hide at Earth. What the heck? Certain advocates of interactive decktypes/strategies bemoan that they don't see enough play, yet, when a player can just turtle at home? Further, someone please explain to me how a Nebula starship from the 24th Century has 8 Range and the TOS Starships of Kirk's era, the 23rd Century, ALSO have 8 range? I'm beginning to think the TOS ships should top out at 7 Range, at least, then, this cowardly hiding at the HQ couldn't happen, not without QSDs or Astro Lab's or such. Sheesh, can't even give the Klingon warriors a chance for glory?! (Wait, I did score 10 points once off of A Chance For Glory off Kris, but, no deaths, no ships go boom, it's just not right!) I did make a mad dash run at TCS before he took the full victory, so much so, that I tried to blitzkrieg it with 15 personnel. Big mistake. His dp, hit me with Tragic Turn and a slew of the 'blah blah blah stopped. If not, killed instead' dilemmas that really shouldn't have the double interaction they do, (Avril Lavigne's current single hits this nail on the head, btw) His FW, 100- my 10. Third round tally: no new ships, so, still 4 ships.

Round 4KlingonJody LambFL (0)View opponent's Report
Jody was running a very similar build to mine, we both had Call to Arms, the 'p' cards, and many of the same Klingon warriors and ships of battle. His, however, was a well-tuned, three 40 point mission deck that targeted Instruct Advanced Drone for 40, plus 10 from Hurried Departure, for 50 points, which he completed relatively quickly. I had gotten a Gomtuu Shock Wave on him, that kept his Rotarran from flying directly home on his next turn, so the best he could do was limp over to Obtain Advanced Technology and begin working on it with his entire crew, that dived for cover planetside, knowing my pieces were in place to destroy his first ship. I did just that, scoring 10 points from CTA. He nabbed OAT on one or two more attempts/turns, his 80 - my 10. meanwhile getting the Voq'leng into play and a rescuing crew. On what turned out to be his final turn, he played Baht'Qul, with the aforementioned three 40 pt missions and a bunch of cards in his discard pile, to my two 40 pt. missions and NO cards in my discard pile, he scored the 10 pts. putting him at 90 - my 10, played an AWC, going to 85-10, drew into a second Baht'Qul, played it, upping to 95 - 10, playing a second AWC, down to 90-10, and drew the last Baht'Qul, played it for the full win, 100-10. An epic turn, absolutely. Ouch (for me). Good game, one of the least stressful we've actually had in some time, so it was a much welcome relief. Final tally: 5 ships. I'll admit, I was rooting for either Jody or Jerad (or any of our locals) to win our Championship, but, Kris walked away with the title again, and congratulations are in order. All in all, it was a fun day. Though, I'd be lying if I didn't say "Vengeance will be ours, and soon!" (Imagine/insert 'Gowron eyes' here)