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Matthew Hayes (karonofborg13)
Tournament Report - 2E Infinite Diversity Draft
2011-03-26 - 10:00 AM
CardassianRomulan2011 ID Draft no. 1
Our Infinite Diversity Draft. I pulled Romulus as my first HQ. and in a passed to me pack, grabbed Cardassia Prime. made my choices easy, naturally. Over the course of drafting our 5 non-mission packs, I acquired Donatra, both 4 cost Ruwon and Karina, Data FtCoR, a Ptol, Secret Agenda, Posturing, neuEvek, Korinas, Kira Iliana, Nador, the Rokassa, and about 6 or so other Cardies, to name a few highlights. Never got to use Donatra, nor Evek. oh well.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
Five players, one must get the bye, why oh why does it always seem like it's me? Happens way more often than not. I really hate odd player tournies, and not just when I get the bye, I hate it for any of my fellow gamers. Byes suck. 'nuff said.

Round 2TNGMatthewScott DaleFW (0)
He drafted a pretty good combination of TNG peeps and ships, so we were off and running, trying to beat each other to the mission completion. I got the first mission for 35. He got his first for 30 and only the neuEnt-D's second line of gametext kicked in, as he didn't have it staffed at his planet he completed, but, did have Genial Picard aboard. so put himself at 35 and bumped me up to 40. I then worked on my second mission, had to have been a 30 pointer, and so I won the game a couple turns later, my 70 - his 35.

Round 3DS9Jerad BerhowMW (0)View opponent's Report
Jerad and I have been duking it out for some time now. He had some very good DS9 cards and got off to a pretty good start. I held him from completing Eliminate Harvesters for about 3 turns, IIRC, and so he snagged it first for 30 points. I got my first mission for 35. We proceeded to keep each other from getting a second mission, and the possible full win for either of us, and therefore I won MW, 35-30. Victory! (my first against him in some time) whoo hoo. I'll take this shortlived victory where I can get it, as I know in 2E constructed he's been bringing the hurt week in, week out. Maybe cuz this wasn't his Borg?!