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Matthew Hayes (karonofborg13)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Worlds Day One
2011-08-05 - 09:00 AM
StarfleetRoseau, Minn., 1969 v.7.0
Worlds Day 1, Heat 1. Chose to go with Starfleet, due to the reporting aboard the Damaged Enterprise, or dENT as I like to call it.

Round 1TOSGeoffery PetersonMW (+25)
Here I got to play the future Runner-Up, not with his Maquis deck, but, with an Original Series deck. It was a fairly good game for me, my one- or two-drop dilemmas (with one of the two, in those cases, ofttimes bouncing) kept him from his missions pretty handily. While his dilemmas did a little of the same to me, albeit slightly less effective in the overall scheme of things.

Round 2CardassianEdward PigmanFL (-10)
This game was a good one. Back and forth. I think Ed beat me 100-75, iirc. So, a close one, and those are okay games. I look forward to a rematch in the future.

Round 3BorgPat BortzFL (-100)
Pat's Borg mission solver got all its' pieces in place from turn 1 and just steamrolled right over me. It was as if I didn't even lay out any cards on my side of the table. Ouch. [vengeance would be mine, later in the day, heh heh]

Round 4BorgEric RobinettFL (-100)
Unfun game #1. It was like our own Jerad Berhow was here in spirit to give me fits. Borg uber-assimilation, coupled with the post-errata Tragic Turn pile. I think I left nearly all my blood supply on the floor beneath my chair. Ugggh.

Round 5BajoranMark MorrisFL (-45)
Mark always has the self-deprecating statements about his decks, this one went something like, "This deck is pretty bad, you should beat me." And, of course, that must be his mantra to make luck go in his favor. Well, it works. We went back and forth, it was close, again like my earlier game with Ed, wherein Mark's Bajorans pulled off the win, along the lines of his 100 - my 75, I do believe. Mark is a fun opponent and I shall have my revenge! [all in good fun, the 2011 Winnipeg Regional Champ falls to the 2010 Winnipeg Regional Champ and there will be turnabout.]