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Matthew Hayes (karonofborg13)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Worlds Day One
2011-08-05 - 05:00 PM
DominionI c Dominion, U.C. high cost dilemmas v.2.0
Worlds, Day 1, Heat 2. My third (?) iteration of my 'Causal can suck it' deck...the Unfair Comparison dp I've enjoyed perfecting/tweaking. And was more fun than the earlier heat, only in that I know this deck a bit better than my Starfleet one, due to the more recent and recurring use of it.

Round 1BorgPat BortzFW (0)
As I stated in my Heat 1 report, vengeance would be mine. Pat was playing the same Borg mission solver that counted on his pieces falling into place. Well, the gaming Trek supreme deities were smiling on me here as I drew into both my lone copy of GPT and ODIGTTF, along with one of my T-D's in my opening hand. I knew I had to play my ship, to get the TD into play and a Jemmie, so on my first two turns that's what I did. Sure enough, the moment his Quint hit the table, buh-bye it went. That seemed to lock the game for me, as Pat was having to play without his gears working. I think it ended up being a decently close game, my 100 (off two missions) to his 70 (maybe?).

Round 2BorgEric RobinettFL (0)
Unfun game #2. Oh. look. again. Geez, with 35 players in heat 1, and 28 in heat 2, and I gotta play two of the same guys in both heats???!!! WTH? Grr. Well, knowing what Eric's deck did, I knew it was gonna be my race to try to get missions solved. I valiantly started the effort. Unfortunately, the first ship I got into play was my Dominion Battleship (a lousy 5 peeps for staffing) and on my first attempt at ESPN with 8, his TT pile slaughters 6 of them! oh boy, wonderful, 2 peeps left destaffed. Hmmm, wonder what's gonna happen? NOT REALLY! Anyhow, over the course of 3-4 more turns, I get only two more peeps in play at FH, and that's when he makes his move, flies his ship to drop off a few Security peeps (incl. a Harvest drone) at my HQ and then bops to my stranded Battleship location. Upon that, knowing I'd have 0 peeps in play by end of Eric's current turn, I conceded. Not really fun to watch your opponent play the game while you sit and twiddle your thumbs, nah ah. [small, very small consolation: Eric went on to win this heat, so props to him on that]

Round 3Borgstephen leeML (0)
Stephen and I are friends (and team tourney teammates for the last couple of years) and have encountered each other at the cons' for awhile now. Always fun. This game went well, another fairly close one, I'm quite sure, but, now a bit of a blur. GG.

Round 4DS9-EarthAl SchaeferFL (0)
Al's DS9 Earth Cadets, with OT Kirk. What I found interesting is that he didn't seem to employ Kirk's ability at all during our game. We went back and forth, with Al winning, 100-60 (or was it 70?). Fun, another all around good opponent.

Round 5DS9-EarthScott BaughmanFW (0)
I know Scott from a number of cons' back, most notably Dragon Con in Atlanta in '00 or '01 (?). Always a class act. This was probably my most casually fun game of the day. We chatted about various Trek-related things and just had a blast. My deck pulled out a 2 mission kill (as it's designed to do), but, not without Scott giving it a good go at his missions.