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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Deep Space 9 Regional
2011-06-04 - 10:30 AM
TNGAnd There's Always Cake
While building my Cardassian deck with Kris for the Twin Cities regional, I also updated an revised my old AU TNG solver as a backup. Since I haven't played the deck in a while I wanted to see if it was still crazy as it used to be.

Round 1RomulanBen JohnsonFW (0)View opponent's Report
Ben had a bit of a slow start while I'm burning through my deck quickly and getting everyone into play. By the time Ben gets a ship out he's slogging his way through his first mission without a lot of the tricks I know his deck has and I'm able to keep him held back. I give up a mission to him baiting Donatra by throwing a 3-stopping Agonizing so he needs to return her to hand to solve, but it gets her out of the way for other walls to work. Unfortunately for Ben I was able to pass all three missions in one shot on sequential turns to run away with the win.

Round 2RomulanZach MagnusonFW (0)
Zach was the victim of both really good and bad luck. On my first attempt at Geo Survey, he kills off Davies and Pran Tainer with NesEx, then nets my other two Geology with Rogue Borg by randomly killing Wesley Crusher and stop-stealing Ezri Tigan. I bailed out and had to attempt all my other missions instead. I get through two missions in one attempt again this game which Zach couldn't keep up with. The bad luck for Zach came in breaking two Coolant Leaks he threw my way. First one he gets three to select from (Data, Tolian, and Mot) since I put Tasha Yar on top of my deck to make Tolian unstoppable before the selection is made. Zach selects Mot to go on, meaning Data and Tolian can't be stopped and all go through. Second time, 5-6 targets but Rachel Garrett is in the mix too, meaning if she gets stopped I lose someone else and can't solve. I decide to pull Tasha again for her ability and gamble by calling Tolian again since I need more Cunning. Zach lets Rachel go through so I don't lose anyone else, and was able to get the last mission to win. One of those long-shot lucky breaks for me. Zach played a great match and took great care of his daughter at the same time.

Round 3VoyagerNat KirtonFL (0)
Nat brings Voyager with three 30-point missions so I know he'll be able to solve with minimal teams. I get behind early and what I can draw for dilemmas do nothing to slow him down. I get a few turns while he attempts his 40 point mission, but his good dilemma play stops me cold. He doesn't need to make much use of Chakotay but just enough to undo anything I try to slow him down with. Well played and a good match as always against Nat.

Round 4MaquisSteve NelsonFL (0)View opponent's Report
Long history with this TNG deck means I know that Maquis is the worst thing that can happen to it. The whole idea is to play and draw as much as possible as fast as possible, and Maquis means you replay and redraw over and over again. Steve doesn't need to do much more that the usual Maquis tricks to slow me down to a crawl, but he gets me destaffed between a nasty first mission attempt and a Stalling for Time to bounce staffing so I had to get more people out. I had a ship in hand but no staffing available, so I have to burn all the resources I had just to draw out all the people I could get to fly it. Even with a better draw of dilemmas than I had against Nat, Steve can take care of the rest and easily blanks me.