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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Worlds Day One
2011-08-05 - 09:00 AM
CardassianPurple Rain 1.5
I made some tweaks to the Cardassian deck I've been working on all year and it looked like a good contender for Day 1.

Round 1Borgstephen leeFW (+1)
I was able to put Data and the Queen in the brig with an early Evek, and with another capture later in the game I was able to get rid of two Unyielding with Corbin Entek to put a rest to the unstopping. I gave up 40 points to Locutus since Stephen was doing a second space mission before his planet but without the planet mission not even 110 points will win the game. All the Cardie tricks were working for me and I was able to solve missions quickly for the win.

Round 2BorgPat BortzFW (+30)
I'm able to solve my first mission in one attempt for the second game in a row and held the momentum from the start. Pat gets going with early downloads but has some trouble against my dilemmas except on his last mission where I could only barely scrape enough together to stop him from solving. I gave up 30 Locutus points accidentally on an Unwanted Guests on a 50/50 shot at discarding a personnel with skills he's missing. Corbin did big things again before my last attempt by blowing up Machinations so I can attempt with a small group and solve for the win.

Round 3TNGTobias RausmannFL (-30)
For the third game in a row I'm able to solve my first mission (Eliminate Harvesters) in one attempt. I get out of the gate fast on Tobias and I'm able to slow him down on his first mission for a while. The turning point came as I was completing my second mission: I check my personnel remaining and thought I was going to be 1 short on Cunning. I play Comfort Women to get higher attributes to solve, then realize I forgot to add Doran's +1 for commanding 3 Cardassians. On my next turn attempting my final mission Tobias gives me a couple stop dilemmas including Well-Prepared Defenses, checks to see I have skills for the last dilemma and the mission, checks my discard pile, then gives me my personnel back and tells me, "If you have your 3rd Comfort Women, you win." Last dilemma is Where No One Has Gone Before and he locked me out of the Cunning side with stops, and I have skills and a match on Integrity (with Cardies?) but after misplaying my Comfort Women on the previous turn I can't boost to get the win and my ship gets sent away. I stop Tobias on his next turn, but the following turn he solves his 2nd mission for the 2-mission win before I get another shot at my final mission. Lesson learned: read your card effects carefully.

Round 4VoyagerNat KirtonFL (-100)
I've played against Nat's Voyager deck before and he typically steamrolls me with it. The same holds true at GenCon just like at home. I can't keep up with unstopping and dilemma cheating and he's rolling right from the first turn. I get bad draws too which really doesn't help matters as Nat easily cruises to the win.

Round 5BorgAlexander SchmitzFL (-70)
Alex saw my deck coming a mile away and had the perfect dilemmas to shut me down. I don't have enough Cardassians in play to make use of my Central Commands either as bad drawing continues. My dilemmas either couldn't stop people or were opposite mission type so I couldn't put together any defense to catch up. Alexander has no trouble getting the win.