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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Worlds Day One
2011-08-05 - 05:00 PM
DS9-EarthVelveta Dip
After playing against Kris' cadet deck several times this year I wanted to give it a shot as my Plan B deck to try to make Day 2. Same as the previous heat, I started strong and ended with crushing losses.

Round 1Terok NorMark MorrisFW (0)
Mark gets some bad luck against me several times, including having a Tactical Disadvantage miss since I drew all my ships in my opening hand - turning what otherwise was a terrible hand into a one-attempt pass on my first mission. I keep moving fast while Mark tried to get a group to solve both his missions in one turn, however he forgets to leave a Dominion personnel out of his planet attempt and can't staff his Dominion ship to move to his space mission (which he would have easily passed upon checking dilemmas). I'm able to end the game pretty fast and have some time to talk it over afterwards.

Round 2VoyagerDan HammanFW (0)
I finally get to meet and play against someone from San Diego! I listen to Section 31 and I'm trying to run down a mental list of decks he's played and when I see Equinox I know that I'm in for a battle. Dilemma play saved me over and over as I keep hitting Dan with one or two and not putting much under. He repairs a Gomtuu (only one in my deck) and I Tree shuffle to see if I can get it again and was able to use it right away and stop him two attempts in a row. I couldn't remember if he had played Marla Gilmore or not so I don't use An Issue of Trust when I see it, only to find out he had discarded one earlier and didn't get another until later. In a very close game, I'm able to stay in front to win, then Dan and I spend the rest of our time talking about Tribbles and Trek. Thanks for an awesome game and it was a pleasure to meet you!

Round 3MaquisGeoffery PetersonFL (0)
I get to see the deck that Geoffrey ends up running most of Worlds with and it's every bit the mean machine it's billed to be. Almost everyone I play is either discarded or returned to my hand repeatedly and I can't get anything going against him. I get bad draws and the rest of the dilemmas I give him aren't much competition. Easy win for Geoffrey and a painful look at a very good deck.

Round 4StarfleetUnjustly BannedFL (0)
James came packing heavy anti-wienie dilemmas and his Damaged Starfleet is rolling with Archer in no time. What few dilemmas I draw that I can use against him don't pose much of a defense and I can't overcome the Cadet hate to do much of anything. James is a great player as well as a very good analyst and plays a very good game.

Round 5RomulanEdward PigmanFL (0)
Ed and I play a very close, tight match the whole way. I did run into some trouble against Donatra and the stooges at Assess Contamination, but was able to mount a defense at my other missions. Ed is able to use some extra points to Power Shift at his final mission for exactly enough to solve for the win. It could have gone either way and Ed played a great game from start to finish.