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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - 2E Sealed
2011-06-10 - 07:00 PM
TNGWienies Don't Float
If given the choice, there are 3 decks I would choose to start a sealed with, so with DS9 and Dominion spoken for, I went with the third - TNG. I get a few really good high-cost people, but I try to keep them to a minimum (or so I thought) since low-cost personnel rule sealed deck games.

Round 1DominionLillian ChanFW (+65)
I'm worried about high attributes, but I know I have skill gaps I can hit with dilemmas. Antedean Assassins hits and stops everyone once, so I try throwing it later and completely forgot her Calisthenics Opponent covers that and Lil walks a mission. However I am able to walk through two of three mission attempts and take the win.

Round 2DS9Kris SonstebyFL (-100)View opponent's Report
I'm stuck with all my high-cost people early and I'm struggling to catch up as Kris drops his wienies like crazy. Kris gets the mother of all random selections when I make my first mission attempt at Geo Survey and he randomly kills Pran Tainer who had my only mission skills. I went there exactly because the odds were better I could get him through a random kill where other missions would need the right combo of people to solve. I get locked out as Kris manages to smack me with skill gaps and stop my attempts cold, meanwhile I can't muster enough to slow down his little guys and he cruises to the win.

Round 3RomulanAsita GoonewardenaFW (+100)
Asita gets going quickly but has skill gaps I find and keep hitting with Recurring Injury (which lived up to its name as he kept getting nailed by it all night). I still get most of my high-cost people early but get a good mix of wienies to throw in to flesh out the teams. This is why I called the deck "Wienies Don't Float" since all the high-cost came to the top and I never saw some of the low-cost people all night. I get through two missions without much trouble, then on my last attempt I finally get to use a Mission Briefing (I knew I kept them in for a reason) to bypass a Wavefront by giving Andrea Brand a second Navigation off Lian T'su who I stopped for a Command Decisions right before.