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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - Tr Tribbles
2011-09-25 - 03:15 PM
Rescue, Go!
After playing at Worlds I wanted to try putting a little more cohesion into a deck and see where it went. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed playing with some new people.

Round 1 ()
Ben's Discards get him some quick points in the first few rounds. I started building up my discard pile for more Rescue work to come later.

Round 2 ()
By the 4th round I was going full-out Rescue & Go, getting lots of high tribbles into my play pile. I manage to get over 400K going out for the first time. Some Scores and Toxins start to net me some more points to take the lead for the first time.

Round 3 ()
I've loaded up the discard pile and got lots of Rescues now, so I'm trying to get the chains started. Unfortunately I lose a bunch of 10s and keep getting 1 or 10 passed to me. A couple Battles and Poisons later decks me before I can go out and I sit and hope that the extra points from Toxins will carry me through. Matt manages to go out but doesn't have enough after my 100K Toxin from before getting decked. I checked my play pile and I would have banked well over 500K in the last round if I would have gone out, so no MIllion Tribble day for me. :)