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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - Tr Tribbles
2011-10-09 - 03:00 PM
Rescue, Go, Replay!

Round 1 ()
We all get settled and start up with some time for teaching a couple new players the ropes. Nat goes out very quickly with only a few thousand tribbles but more than enough to take an early lead.

Round 2 ()
Everyone's getting the hang of it and we're rolling in no time. I start to get more cards in the discard pile to start Rescue chains, but people see what I'm up to and Recycle me right away. Nat goes out with a good 200K+ again!

Round 3 ()
Third round and things get moving for me at last putting together chains. I'm still getting stuck with a lot of denominations I can't play, but Nat has no trouble and goes out again for another 100K+ to widen the lead.

Round 4 ()
Then we hit the long round. :) Everyone has trouble drawing 1's and we end up with almost all our cards in the play pile. Thomas decks out and the rest try to keep our decks stocked to stay alive. I self-Recycle to stay alive but have trouble getting the right cards to play. Steve goes out big with 500K+ including a Bonus, and Matthew hits his Bonus as well, but stays in last place.

Round 5 ()
Things pick up in the final round, but I can't get many big numbers in my hand. Having many low Go's speeds me up and I manage to go out fast but not with many tribbles to show for it, but manage to hit on a couple Toxins to move me up into 4th place overall.