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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - 2E
2012-06-23 - 11:00 AM
CardassianPurple Rain 1.7
Even though I'm ready for more decks and trying different things out, I only needed one more to be the first to earn the "Agent of the Obsidian Order" achievement - so my deck choice was made for me this time. After an abysmal showing in Cedar Rapids, I also wanted to see if there was any magic left in this old deck.

Round 1TNGbandana8472FW (+25)View opponent's Report
I have a great respect for Matt and his history with 2E. He's never a player to take lightly, but he's a great guy and lots of fun to play with. We both got a good opening hand and got going right away. I was able to capture Tim Watters and slow down his attempts at POM for a bit while using Central Command to get around stoppers. Once I had the lead I didn't stop until I got to the finish line. A really good match that I was looking forward to playing!

Round 2MaquisSteve NelsonML (-35)View opponent's Report
I'm never a fan of Maquis shenanigans, but I was hoping I could do some dismantling of Steve's strategies. I held him off on his missions with some good dilemma combos and forced him to drop his hand with a well timed Dreamer which got rid of two copies of Biogenic Weapon. However, Steve was able to catch me with an Artificial Wormhole and send my people to the Gamma Quadrant before stranding me with a Damage marker next turn. I gambled by blowing up his Precise Attack with Corbin Entek and then send a new ship to retrieve people hoping he couldn't draw into a third copy. He was able to get it and strand a second ship before getting the third back from the discard pile with Ro Laren. Time ran out a turn before I would have been able to complete my second mission, but I still would have been behind Steve's two missions and start a third cold to win. At least my dilemmas were able to keep Steve down to 2 missions and hold him to a modified win.

Round 3ByeBY (0)
Lunch time!

Round 4FerengiNat KirtonFL (-70)View opponent's Report
Nat was playing Ferengi and made some wild and crazy moves that I didn't see coming. Rom kept feeding Reyga with Rules, even though I kept bouncing his Interrupts with Swashbuckler. Even Ensnaring Reyga wasn't enough to slow him down and he smashed his way through all my dilemmas. Couple that with hitting me with "God" at Escape Gulag and forcing me to abandon the mission until I could repair. I was playing on tilt most of the time as Nat did an awesome job with the orange men. Great work!

Round 5TNGKris SonstebyFW (+60)View opponent's Report
Kris brought the Cadets in a match very similar to the one I had with Matt. We both started dropping personnel fast and furious, and I had 8-9 personnel out in 3 turns and was ready to start attempting with interrupts in hand. I blasted through a mission and then hit Kris hard with a Dreamer which discards Shran, Sloan, and the Phoenix along with Enterprise-J, also while putting Lwaxana in the brig to limit his TatV draws. Later I added Gideon Seyetik to the brig and scored with Prison compound before rolling out a couple 4-5 person mission completions after Kris killed off a number of personnel and allowed Lore (ironically) to hit the table on an Secret ID that blew through his Dignitaries since he cut down my Leadership first. The Dreamer play made all the difference in the end so he couldn't get anything back to consume and drew most of his ACE's when I attempted missions meaning he couldn't play them and feed them into planned consumes. Also using Comfort Women to minimize Guillotine kills is a tactic I learned from playing against him before and it served me well again. Good game, Kris!