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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - 2E
2013-03-16 - 01:00 PM
CardassianPurple Rain 1.9
Without having time to build something new, and also realizing I had only one deck pre-made that I could still get HQ credit for this league season, the choice was pretty much made for me to go back to the old rusted and busted Cardie deck. made a few changes to update for Matter of Time, but nothing Earth-shaking.

Round 1DS9Nat KirtonFL (-20)
Up until seeing Martus Mazur hit the table I wasn't really sure what Nat was up to. I called the Hugh/AGD combo from there, but he hadn't been drawing into them yet. I captured Navaar on his first attempt so I could take away the skill cheats, but I wasn't able to do much to stop him from getting through missions. I called the wrong Keyword late game using Captain's Guest and held back on a Dignitaries because I forgot the Li Nalas wasn't a General (thinking of Krim instead). Close game that came down to the wire as we both had 2 missions and I was able to get 20 additional points.

Round 2RelativityBarry WindschitlFW (+30)View opponent's Report
Barry decided to try out the new Relativity deck and played around with some powerful personnel using Temporal Transporters like a pro. My first capture target was Kirk who unfortunately did not see Inequitable Exchange coming, and later I Ensnared Richard Galen to prevent the easy mission skill gains (though Barry did pull it off once). I overplayed an Excalbian on him at Restore Errant Moon without realizing he didn't have enough Astrophysics to complete and tossed some cards I would have rather kept, but I was still able to cheat my way through dilemmas enough to win - including hitting the jackpot on Barry's Overburdened by turning over a 2-cost skill dilemma and 2x 0-cost dilemmas.

Round 3DS9-EarthKris SonstebyFW (+30)View opponent's Report
Kris brought a Cadet variant for achievements and I knew from experience what some of the hot spots were in the deck. I had ship and staffing early but held off attempting until I could play Evek and nabbed a full 3 (Riley Shepard, Gideon Seyetik, and George Primmin) then later added David Marcus to limit his Science personnel while also getting enough skills in the brig to get 10 points I would need from Prison Compound. I had great draws against Kris all game as the dilemmas I play have some strong interactions with his deck. Kris said it as well, I drew cheaters exactly when I needed them to get through all the tight spots, but Kris nailed a 1 out of 7 stop to dent my first attempt at my third mission, getting my only Medical in the team due to a Tolian selection. He followed that up by top-decking Timescape and Infinite Diversity on a draw 2 spend 2, and made a good call on the ID skill. I realized after the game that since I needed to use a copy of Comfort Women in order to make the 4 person attempt pass the mission that I could have gained the skill I needed to get past ID that turn, but thankfully was able to hold Kris off on back-to-back attempts with Rogue Borg Mercenaries, then with Unwelcome Guests by discarding the only personnel I had in hand, who also had Intelligence. He hadn't played his William Ross that turn or he would have had me beat for forgetting the skill gain. Very close game, and incredible play from Kris all around.

Closing Thoughts
SoS decided the tournament, but I was very glad to pull off a 2nd place finish with a deck that I still consider to be one of my strongest. Despite have some mental errors that I'd rather not repeat during organized play season, the old tricks still worked the best.