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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - 2E - Deep Space 9 Regional
2013-06-01 - 12:00 PM
DominionWhere There's Cake, There's Hope (1.8)
After a poor showing last year with one of my "better" decks, I wanted to run a solver that wasn't going to be as dependent on what my opponent was playing. I added some new stuff to make some better run-time decisions and did some consulting with Nat Kirton to make sure I was on the right track.

Round 1VoyagerAl SchaeferFL (0)View opponent's Report
As soon as we get paired, Al delivers the line of the match: "Let's see who the real Chief is, Ambassador." I've had bad tilt in the past with Voyager, but I'm starting to get over it now that I know more about what makes it work. I was loading up Al's hand repeatedly with draws from Keevan and Hollow Pleasantries and then making him get rid of all the extra cards with Shared Hallucination and Dreamer and the Dream. I was able to get rid of a number of Chakotays from his hand this way, but he was still able to do enough damage with the one he had on the table and his events to make me work extra hard with dilemmas. Al made great plays and held me to two missions in a close race to the finish. Well played, sir!

Round 2RomulanBen PaulsenFL (0)
What worried me when I first sat down was seeing Aid Legendary Civilization, even though I though I started the game with several high-cost people in play. What I should have been worried about was the Phoenix and Causal Recursion combo that came my way. I have a card in my deck speicifcally to deal with BOTH of these issues (Jem'Hadar Ambush). I was able to get to three missions first and hit 110 points and just needed to clear Causal off the core with the points from the battle, but I hadn't drawn it yet and Ben was able to close the deal 100-110. Ambush was 3 cards down from the top of the deck at the end - so close!

Round 3CardassianJustin KaufmanFW (0)
Justin had played against this deck this year so he knew what he was up against right away. I see him playing Cardassian with Groumall and AU Garak and immediately write off any chances of Tac-D working. Goragn on the other hand still worked and I was able to hold Justin at his first mission with an early Insurrection and cutting down enough people to keep him under the mission requirements. The Dominion got rolling and even good dilemma play on Justin's part wasn't enough to slow it down. Good game!

Round 4VoyagerBrian LeonardFW (0)View opponent's Report
Second Voyager deck of the day but this one was packing a big 50-point mission and lots of bonus support (and Brian said some Field Studies that didn't come out). I can't hold him off from an early Caretakers, but the ball got rolling and didn't stop. I got some lucky breaks as well with Dominion Hierarchy cheating in skills at opportune times. Brian played a good game and caught me off guard several times.

Closing Thoughts
I had a great time and wasn't blown out of any games, despite the mixed record. All the changes I made to the deck and dilemma pile worked well and the old tricks still have some power. Big congrats to Eric for the win and thanks to Amber for running a great event. Great to meet several folks that I hadn't yet had the pleasure to meet offline.