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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - 2E
2015-03-21 - 10:00 AM
TNGAnd There's Always Cake (1.6)
In order to still get HQ credit for our league and without having time to investigate something new, I chose TNG Battleship which I haven't played in about 3 years. Nat borrowed this deck from me at GenCon since the last time I used it and told me he really liked it and it had a lot of great potential. I did have to update the dilemmas a bit but found some good additions to make it a lot more viable that it would have been after that much dust had collected on it.

Round 1TNGBen JohnsonFW (+100)
The long and short of this game came down to Ben getting ship screwed. I don't believe I even drew dilemmas in this game and had everything running great from the first turn. I hate to see it happen to anyone, especially someone whose deck was otherwise running well.

Round 2CardassianKris SonstebyFW (+35)View opponent's Report
Kris had me pegged on playing Cardassian as one of my other stable decks that hasn't come out this year. In an odder twist he was playing the Cardassian deck that I once borrowed from him that became the first draft of said stable deck. Apart from knowing I was going to have to counter Central Command, Kris showed me why everyone talks about Telle by getting extra positive advantage out of my first-mission Insurrection (I've rarely used him but it's mostly because the options available to use him on were bad choices at the time). I also called Kris playing Consume pile and made many small mission attempts to limit the damage at the planet missions and saved my key skills for the times I was sure I could get through. He wiped out most of the people that get Geo Survey done, but Wesley always gets the MVP for cheating in the skills to solve it. Killing blow came with a 50/50 shot at using Kirk to hit the Timescape I knew Kris was going to throw and getting it right so I could attempt multiple times at Survey New World if needed. Excellent game on both sides.

Round 3TNGrakesubrocketFW (+25)View opponent's Report
I see Henry put down missions for Cadets and know he's not only got a build that his family is well known for but also ample practice with. He doesn't have many Cadets at the start and ends up going planet first but breezing right through the first attempt (Dal'Rok was a card too early in the sequence and he had 18 counters worth of personnel to overcome it). I was able to counter by clearing my first mission in one attempt, but not without ending up with a Causal in my core. I knew my only option to not go four missions was to get the Enterprise-D that I put under with TAtV on my second turn (dang it), and forgot for a turn or two that the Tacking in my hand does exactly what I needed (was thinking of blowing up Enterprise-J instead but didn't really need to since Henry went for his smaller missions first). This game came down to the wire and Henry gave me no room for mistakes. He's already a force to be watched, and I think he's going to be one to beat at Regionals this year.

Closing Thoughts
I've been on a tear this year and playing some of the best Trek I've ever played. I have a lot of people to thank for that, I'm still kind of floored to have these results. The most important thing is I've been enjoying it and having a great time with everyone that's come to play.