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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - 2E
2016-02-13 - 10:30 AM
RelativityIn my book, Newton says the laws of the universe are fixed!
I brought Relativity out of the quiver for this event to play something I was used to and I thought would have a decent chance against a number of different decks.

Round 1BorgBarry WindschitlFL (-65)View opponent's Report
Assimilator with no HQ means no where to hide. I had to spend most of my time trying to divide up my personnel in different places to minimize the impact as much as possible. Getting Breached on Relativity on my first space attempt did not help my cause and was a perfect play by Barry. I had to rely on the Wells for a bit to keep him from snagging people after my space attempts. Constant recycling of K&E and lots of points off assimilated personnel made my dilemmas worthless so it was mostly just a matter of time while Barry got his missions completed. Well played game and good meta read - Assimilation with K&E recycle is too powerful to ignore.

Round 2StarfleetJustin KaufmanFW (+70)View opponent's Report
Damaged Starfleet made this a ship "HQ" mirror game. I got an early space mission which kept the Earth bonus from kicking in, but Justin did get A Sight for Sore Eyes out early but only got 1 At What Cost off. I went after Archer with Well-Prepared Defenses every opportunity I could so that my other dilemmas would have a better chance of working out, and he faced all three of them in quick order. Final attempt came down to a choice of dilemmas from a Vault of Tomorrow, and unfortunately I had the right team to get past Justin's choice. HIs other option would have given him another turn at least to mount a comeback. Well played and another turn could have totally flipped the game over without a way to stop Archer.

Round 3CardassianKris SonstebyTT (0)View opponent's Report
The game was close from the opening draws. The whole time we were playing well and making move and counter move. I started trying to get rid of dilemmas I didn't want to face before attempting my first mission, but if I had waited I would have been able to break down Chula: The Game a lot better. I spread attempts out to get all three copies played at my space missions before going to ground and clearing my planets first (we both had our plants completed by the end but no space). Final turn got my second planet solved with almost everything out of Kris' dilemma pile in the process. I planned a run at a space mission to go for the win and didn't pay attention to the game state or I would have realized he only had one dilemma left. I sent 6 when I should have gone with 12 since even a best-case Chula 3 stop with two Games on the mission would have left me with 7 personnel. I'm going to take to heart the lesson here and keep my head in until the final play. A tie that could have been a full win if I had been paying better attention. Kris did everything right, including an intention space at planet play to gut his dilemma pile down to only Chula cards. It was an incredible game and I can't be upset for anything so well played.

Closing Thoughts
Once again and always - pay attention to everything going on in the game since it can have a great impact on your decisions and change your plans quickly. I've been on both the up and down side of things like this, so I'll work harder to end up more on the up side.