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Jeremy Benedict (flrazor)
Tournament Report - 2E
2016-07-16 - 10:00 AM
DominionWhere There's Cake, There's Hope (2.2)
I haven't played Dominion a lot since Continentals last year, and wanted to get some time on other decks of mine ahead of GenCon.

Round 1TNGJustin KaufmanFW (+65)
Justin is bringing Bluegills and I haven't had a lot of experience against it, or the new TNG tricks from recent sets. We both get going pretty quickly. I didn't get into any Crippling Strike but dilemmas were doing most of the work in this match. By the time that Justin had his Bluegill event out I already had a couple missions down and was rolling to the finish, but he still made me work for every inch.

Round 2DS9Nat KirtonFW (+80)
Nat was bringing some serious attribute manipulation - raising his and lowering mine. I used both of the Dominion Hierarchy to full effect to cheat in a skill after an Oracle's Punishment cut my Navigation down, then later to boost Integrity over the line against an Excalbian Drama for the win. I also used Ikat'ika to bounce around a Chula: The Dice (for Integrity) after Bitter Medicine reduced my Leadership attributes. Once again dilemmas kept Nat from making quick progress.

Round 3BorgBarry WindschitlFL (-100)View opponent's Report
The dreaded Borg Assimilator that shut me down early at Regionals this year! This time I did everything that the Assimilator hates: I played an early ship and got everyone off the HQ as soon as they were played. I spent 13 turns just playing personnel and trying to slice off bits of Borg infrastructure: Tacking into a One With the Borg, Our Sacrificing another. After 15 Annexation Drone points, Barry finally went to try missions since I wasn't going to give him any personnel until both our decks were almost gone and I had no other options. Dilemmas locked him out of missions with full stops coming from Personal Duty and An Issue of Trust, also Captian's Guest calling out the drones. Barry leaves his deck empty before my 14th turn and I'm down to one card with enough in my hand to play without needing to draw. I split up the teams and go for broke at missions. The first dilemma he gives me is Secret Identity and the last card in my deck is a personnel I do not command - game over! We had a good laugh about it, even though I effectively broadcast it to him, but he would have done it no matter what to remove a person from the attempt if it wasn't a personnel. The best way the game could have ended and yet another in the long history of weird and wild games Barry and I have shared over the years.

Closing Thoughts
At the end of the day it was a lot of fun with friends and that's what matters most of all. :)