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Richard New (The Guardian)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Online Event
2011-07-06 - 06:00 PM
DominionThe Good, the Bad, and the "Defective"
I played Integrity Dominion.

Round 1KlingonJFW (+55)
J played a Klingon High Council deck, modified for battle and 40+ point missions. In fact, he had 165 total points to my 160 (with help from Raise the Stakes; sorry, Well-Prepared Defenses). Of course, with that help and his U.S.S. Enterprise-J, all of his Klingons were attributes +2. In the one mission he completed, he rolled through 42 Cunning with no trouble. He attempted Wormhole Negotiations with 6 and 2 under (thanks to a little Ja'chuq action). My only real space dilemma caused no problems for him and he waltzed up to the 45 point mark unaffected. My personnel saw more action, but were quicker on the draw. An Energize got me some high-cost Jemmies right off the bat and with my own U.S.S. Enterprise-J, their Integrity (yes, Integrity) was right up with the Klingon's Strength. The first attempt with 8 at Amnesty Talks got hit with Inferiority, then Unfair Comparison. His reveal? 8-6-3. My reveal? 8-6-4. Lucky. Still, it made Whisper in the Dark a cinch. And yes, we realized that it's a planet dilemma at a space mission (J was having image problems on Lackey), but my Jemmies had the skills anyway. I scored 45 points (35 + Raise the Stakes to 40 + Distant Exploration) then Defianted a dilemma under my next and final mission (if things worked out; which given the next event, did). I was attacked by the Klingons to let them score 10 points. I had Jem'Hadar Ambush in hand, so I attacked back next turn (and played At What Cost? to get out the Battleship; points = 50). With the second Distant Exploration safely on Founders' Homeworld, I was ready for a 50-point mission and started to attempt. One under became three. (That's when J's successful mission attempt happened.) A couple new personnel out gave me two attempts with 5. The first, J burned Inferiority to kill off another personnel, but now there were 4 under. Honestly, I expected him to burn his Endangered to stop my other attempt, but he risked drawing 1. Maybe he thought he would his a Whisper (which I could beat) or Sylvia (which I could have passed by future-killing Ikat'ika and playing Dominion Hierarchy from hand to boost Weyoun, "Defective" Clone as Goran'Agar was also helping the Jemmies grow some brains; I would have beat it by 1 Cunning; now, that would have been an awesome photo finish). Maybe he hoped for Unfair Terms or Spatial Interphase (which would fall flat as nobody was cost 2 or less or had three or less skill dots). Maybe he hoped for a simple 1-cost stop X or kill dilemma. Unfortunately, none of the above. It cost 4 and my five sprinted to the finish line as planned. I did a similar thing last month in my loss in that tournament. In our efforts to not overplay our hands, sometimes we underplay. Sucks to lose that way, though.

Round 2RomulanMichael Van BreemenFL (-100)View opponent's Report
Next up, Michael played a Romulan 4-coster/Donatra deck. Stupid me, I threw a dilemma with no skills on the first mission, Tactical Disadvantage, knowing when I drew the cards that Donatra was out there. I got so excited to have three ships in my hand, not the least of which was the Defiant, that I leapt before I looked. Captain Pike lied to us! That's not good at all! After that, I was able to stop one attempt, but got 2 under. The next attempt ran through the only planet dilemma I could pull, Symbalene Blood Burn, and completed the second mission. When Michael played P'tol, however, he won, seeing my next four dilemmas were all space, simple micro-teamed it and I was through. A swift victory for Michael, helped all the more by the events and ships plugging up my hand. Too bad too. I don't think my first three turns could have gone better. I had seven cards in my hand and a total cost of 34 cards out, thanks to Gelnon and a wonderful bout of luck with Energize out on the first turn. After that, I stalled. Michael's deck hummed like a champ compared to my jalopy.

Round 3Terok NorMarkus EberleinFL (-25)
Markus played a strange sort of mirror deck to my own. I used specific high-cost Jem'Hadar to get the Integrity requirements that I needed. Meanwhile, Markus played multiple 1- and 2-cost Jem'Hadar at Terok Nor for the Strength he needed to complete his missions. He played a couple of Cardassians for the skills. Yet, we both built for bonus points to complete our games. We even both walked through our first mission attempts. My first went to Amnesty Talks. At that point, I would guess Markus had not seen the extreme Integrity of my personnel yet, as he threw The Clown: Guillotine, and since it didn't Consume an All-Consuming Evil (in fact he didn't all game), called out Treachery. Well, that falls flat on me. Markus must have thought I was going for the Leadership and Security end of the requirements. He had seen that each of the missions required Leadership already and had even put a Jem'Hadar Entrenchment on Restock Ketracel-White to make it almost impossible, so I can't blame him. Of course, he waltzed through his first mission too, Kressari Rendezvous, his only space, so most of my pile was useless after that. I was at 40 with one Distant Exploration and he was at 35 with one Bat'leth discarded. This meant I either needed to battle for points or go for three missions. I went on to Transport Delegations. At this point, Markus played an All-Consuming Evil and a Bold Plan, but only got the one he'd set up, so I lost a Diplomacy. I still passed the mission for 80, but that was going to cause me trouble. Markus tried out Signal For Rescue, but my Necessary Execution showed a lack of Biology, so I killed Weyoun before he could cause me trouble. I lost both of my remaining Diplomacy at The Last Outpost, but got 6 under with help from the Defiant that I played with crew using an At What Cost?. Markus then went on to Survey New World and I was able to stop the first five personnel, killing three, but my dilemmas were not as helpful on the next attempt. We now had a score of 85-75, with his bonus from the Tenak'talar. I had to move fast, but I needed Diplomacy. I drew and pulled Syrran, so I played him. I stopped Markus at Signal for Rescue with three under. I then drew enough to play Maques. Did I mention that Markus had Friction out all game? At that point, I told Markus that I would win the game next turn. He attempted. I drew crap. He won, 130-75. I love it when they come down to the wire.

Round 4Edward Butler IIIFL (-55)
Edward played a Damaged Starfleet deck. I had forgotten how skilled those personnel could be. Quite frankly, I have found that more than a few decks leave the "real world" skills (like the sciences) out in search of greener pastures. Starfleet has people that want to study the world and can interact with it. So…damage dilemmas do nothing to them. Funny, with a ship like that. Edward never seemed to get out the Future Enterprise, but it didn't seem to matter as he got much more personnel out than I did. Edward also tried to stop enough personnel to keep me down and did a pretty good job until my tight skill set got in his way. When you don't have a skill to stop, you walk through things like Healing Hand. Of course, my guys also take a nose dive to Personal Duty. And when Where None Have Gone Before bites into you after that, you lose a turn and a chance to win the game. A great combo versus my Jemmies.