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Richard New (The Guardian)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Day Two
2013-08-17 - 02:00 AM
FerengiFerengi Continentals, Day 2

Round 1RomulanMatt KirkTT (0)View opponent's Report
Stupid me. Big mistake #1: I threw down an Insurrection against Assess Contamination thinking it would overcome. Then, Hard Time gets overcome instead and Matt had an extra guy to Power Shift through and the last turn would have become unnecessary. I had an Unexpected Difficulties to pop. It might not have made the difference, but I should have tried. It couldn't have gotten worse; the complete mission tied us. Big mistake #2: Attempting on my second to last turn, I hit Caretaker's "Guests" and I thought I could grab Ulis from the deck to bring Reyga (his inevitable choice with the only Astrometrics) him right back. I don't know why I was thinking Secret Identity. Real big mistake #2: After he picked Reyga, I STILL didn't pop Reyga's ability, thinking the situation was finished. If I had, I would have had staffing and another shot at the last mission. Again, it might not have made a difference, but I would have loved the shot. I have 1E players in my area and am rusty on technique. Oh well, I got to Day 2! Still, Matt got pretty far. I wonder how I would have done.

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