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Kieren (Honest)
Tournament Report - Tr - Kazon Collective Regional
2014-06-15 - 11:00 AM
Well, today the NSW Tribbles Regionals was held, and on Wednesday (I think) I got home and made up online a deck, first time I had started "cyber first" I focused on the 100 clone and skip card mainly, because I felt like being a jerk. Also clone reverse for the main 1 drop, then a bunch of clones on the big drops. Add a little poison and copies, with a touch of discard 1, add some toxin to taste, and screw me, deck done. Printed it out Thursday on the way home from work, cut it out over a rum with SHane Saturday night, and we are good to go

Round 1 ()
I am paired with Kenny (his first ever time playing tribbles, using my last years Regional deck. We also had Mad Scientist Walzo and rum handicapped Shane in the first heat. Top 2 go through. Kenny destroyed this group. He went out in the first 4 rounds and was up 700K+ to the next nearest player, me, on about 160K. Walzo and Shane were close as well, around 100-120 each. The 100 clone and skip screwed diametrically opposite Kenny a little, making him draw when I guessed the 1000 Tribbles were his weak spot. I crawl up with poisons up to around 170K, and the odd lucky battle win got another 100K into the play pile. Amazeballs time, a 10K goes around with everyone passing until it gets back to me, and I have a 100K to go out with, sealing the second place

Round 2 ()
New group for the final. Kenny still diametrical opposite me, new player Nathan Wood (maybe 3rd Tribbles final) and current continental Champion, and Tribble technician Iron Mike joining us. Round 1 I am all set to go out with a 100 clone and skip. On my left is Nathan (battle and posion) who has it at 1. He is 1 go and my heart jumps. He then says 10 poison Kenny, and I know I have got this, with 200K+ in the play pile. He poisons Kenny who flips 100K Antidote! My good early start and DESTROYED by Nathans 10 poison Tribble! So my play pile gets shuffled in, Kenny gets hits around 300K and I think he is going to run over the table as in round 1. Round 2 of the final, second turn Nathan decided poisoning Kenny didn't turn out so good last time, and if he does it again I may electrocute him, so he poisons me. And (as I said turn 2) hits 100K antidote! So I climb back in again to second, still well behind. Iron Mike and myself both got out turns 3 and 4, and going into the Championship round I am 434Kish to Iron Mike and Kenny at 300-330K each. Nathan is around 100K I think and by no means out of it. And the last round is a classic. All of us have the opportunity to go out a variety of times, we all drop to the 1-3 card mark and stay there for ages, with Iron Mike even turning down the chance to go out because he calculated he'd be a few Tribbles short. I get down to a 1000 as my lone card, it revolves around on 1 or X to me, I top deck a 1 discard and I am out, sealing a fun, lucky win

Closing Thoughts
Charlie recently says, if you are taking Tribbles seriously, you are probably doing it wrong. I agree. Its a fun game, is easy to teach goobers how to play, and the amount of fun and laughing coming from our event today was a testament to that. Thanks to Chompers for his excellent organising of the day, and his passion to have Tribbles played. And thanks to Clayton for hosting the event, fun and gracious as always. And finally thanks to the CC for making the online deck builders such a great tool. I wouldn't have changed decks without it