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Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Day One
2019-06-22 - 09:00 AM
TNGHelping Everyone Helps Me Too Mk. IV
I couldn't decide what I wanted to play at this tournament. I wanted something that would be fun to play but I would also not embarrass myself with. I knew I didn't want to play TEoME Cardies because I was bored with that deck. I thought about playing the Terran Shield deck that I built for the release of Zefram Cochrane's Shotgun, but when I tried it out online, I felt that it needed some refinement before being ready for prime time. I simply didn't have time to give it the attention needed. I settled on breaking out the TNG DipHoLe deck I played at Worlds 2017. I knew it would probably be a good fit against any Terra Prime decks I may face and I slotted in a couple of Swashbucklers and the new Jellico to help take care of any Interrupt shenanigans I may encounter.

Round 1Earned ByeEB (+100)
Earned bye! I never had one of these before. I got an achievement!

Round 2BorgNathan MiracleFL (-25)
This was probably one of the best games I have ever played. I was happy to lose because Nathan and I were so close the entire time. I managed to Swashbuckler his Adapts and Ascertains a couple of times, but no Jellico. One big question came up is can he Ascertain Overindulgence? The answer is yes. This turned out to be the game-winning moment because IIRC he had just Interlinked Navigation and using Ascertain to make it 2 Programming allowed him to complete Plot Invasion and move on to his third mission for the win.

Round 3RomulanKeith GibsonFW (+30)
A new opponent! Yay! Keith was a very nice guy to play against.

Round 4DS9-EarthCharlie PlaineMW (+50)View opponent's Report
I knew Charlie was playing Cadets and also knew I needed to outspeed him.

Round 5KlingonKris SonstebyMW (+5)
Kris was playing his signature KRiS deck, which got out of the gates quite quickly.

Round 6RomulanEric RobinettFL (-25)
This was another great game to lose. I always love hanging out with Eric. He's just a fun, nice guy to chill with.