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Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)
Tournament Report - 2E - Deep Space 9 Regional
2019-05-26 - 12:00 PM
CardassianApparently Errata Was Necessary, Even Though I Didn\'t Win a Masters Yet
I wanted to play this deck against Casey, because 3x Infinite Diversity and 3x "Rapid Progress" sucks. However, I never played against him.

Round 1TNGBrian LeonardFW (+70)View opponent's Report
Brian was playing his TNG Mot + Vic mictroteaming deck. Memorable moment: naming Vic Fontaine with Silaran Prin, then deactivating Vic a couple of turns later. Gorgans and Back to Basics kept his tiny teams at bay. Another memorable moment: wishing I could use Enemy of My Enemy with Seven of Nine, Immersed in Chaos. I would have loved to be able to gain Admiral with her against Dignitaries and Witnesses! I know I had one misplay at his Investigate Maquis Activity. I think I could have stopped his 2nd attempt with two kills on Necessary Execution, but I think I picked the wrong two folks. Also, his Guinan helped me out quite a bit. Since I had 5 extra points, I could do Eliminate Harvesters instead of Extract Defector.

Round 2Eric BiecheMW (+30)
Eric was playing his old reliable Borg solver which uses At What Cost and the Annexation Drone to net 21 counters in a single turn. It's paired with an ACE/TT dilemma pile. I got out fast with Damar and the Groumall to fuel draws. I think Tain came out pretty early, too. Eric slowed me down a couple of turns with The Clown: Guillotine and Toe to Toe (he picked Seska, dammit!). I managed to burn through Commandeer Prototype, though AFTER I discarded the Phoenix with The Central Command. I was so rattled by that, I forgot to download a different ship for my own personal use. :-/ I managed to get through Intercept Renegade and moved on to Extract Defector. He managed to Consume 2 ACEs with Guillotine on my first attempt. He names Programming for all and only using TEoME to boost someone for Clown kept me from losing all four of my Programming personnel. I still couldn't complete, so only got the MW.

Round 3Terok NorAl SchaeferMW (+35)View opponent's Report
Al was playing his TN dilemma mill deck, which I was probably dreading more than even Casey's well-oiled TOS machine. The only saving grace is that I don't have a ton of skill dilemmas in the deck, so Dukat can't be used to his full effect. If I'd been playing Klingons with my Underlying/Loss pile, I'd have been in big trouble. He got War of Attrition out early enough to kill off about 7-8 dilemmas before I got it with Tacking. I slowed him down a bunch when he was trying to attempt Kressari Rendezvous, using Gorgan, Back to Basics (much earlier than I wanted to) and then an old school combo - Personal Duty + Command Decisions. Oh, and I also managed to get both Skeleton Crew and Insurrection on top of the mission. After he finally finished Kressari, he went for Survey New World. I held him off just long enough to blow my wad finishing up Extract Defector (urgh 2X TEoME for 2 Honor from Mila).

Closing Thoughts
I'm done with this deck. There's not much more I can do with it, frankly.