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Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)
Tournament Report - 1E - Worlds Side Event
2019-08-10 - 04:00 PM
FerengiComing of Age TNG Ferengi
When I saw that Aberdeen Anarchy was scheduled during Day 1 of 2E, I was sad. Then I realized I didn't care how I did because I couldn't play Day 2 anyway. Round 1 of Anarchy was starting just as we were finishing round 5 of Day 1. I was 3-2 and my pride couldn't take the hit of going 3-4 for the day. I decided to stay in and play a 6th round. This was good because it meant there were no Byes for either tourney.

Round 1Sebastian KirsteinTT (0)
Seppel and I were actually playing Round 6 of 2E during this match. Surely there must be a hidden achievement for playing each other in two tournaments simultaneously!

Round 2FederationJohan SkoglundFW (+100)
After I got done with 2E (now going 4-3 for the day), I grabbed a starter. I got a Coming of Age Ferengi starter plus a shit-ton of 2E cards, including many that weren't BC. The round was starting, so I threw in the Orions (in their true, beautiful 2E skill sharing form) that were there and sat down opposite of Johan. Niall, I mean Maria, tells everyone to randomly select two of our missions. Those are the two missions we will use to form our spaceline and they are now each S/P. I decided to just shuffle up my dilemmas and randomly place half under each of Johan's missions. After about 15 minutes, Maria comes back through and informs us that a supernova has hit one of our missions. We can randomly shuffle half the dilemmas under the other mission. I manage to eventually make my way through the dilemmas (deftly fending off Maria's "you must take a swig of Jaeger to use the Orions skill sharing") to complete my mission first for the win.

Round 3admiralgaryFW (+60)
Gary is wrapped in the SNP flag and must shout out "Fuck Brexit!" any time he's about to score points. We lay out our spaceline and I sort of just mix up my dilemmas to put under proper missions without thinking too much about combos. At this time, Maria pulls us children into the other room for a singalong. She teaches us the "Do, Re, Mi" song. I am awarded 50 points for properly and enthusiastically singing "Ti, a drink with jam and bread!" This allowed me to get the two-mission win.

Closing Thoughts
Gangster theme for Chicago Aberdeen Anarchy 2020???