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Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2020-06-05 - 12:00 PM
KlingonTNG Klingons for Public Playtesting Mk II
I started my build by copying Kris Sonsteby’s Worlds 2017 Klingon Legit Leader deck. https://www.trekcc.org/1e/decklists/index.php?mode=view&deckID=16547 I proceeded to take out all the cards that did not contain the TNG property logo, which was most of the dilemmas, but the draw deck remained intact. It also meant Q the Ref, Tribunal of Q, and most referee cards were off the table. Many of the special downloads of the personnel were also off-limits. Options for filling the Tent • Mission specialists (with AMS in the draw deck) • Dilemmas that get downloaded • People with I.K.S. Pagh in lore (from Officer Exchange Program) I decided to fill the Tent with dilemmas from the downloader dilemmas.

Round 1RomulanJoseph WisniewskiFL (-5)View opponent's Report
Gerald was playing Romulans. He accidentally seeded a MQ and a GQ mission (both space) in his deck and had no way to get to either of them. This FUBARed my space combo, because he only had one space mission in the AQ, so I had to put a Cytherians in the MQ. No bueno. I was mad at myself in my last turn, because I could have played Arbiter of Succession on myself and gotten 10 points instead of going for my last attempt.

Round 2FerengiNiall MatthewTT (0)
Niall was playing a very sticky control deck using In for a Trim. He gave all his Ferengi Barbering using Mot’s advice. He proceeded to use that to put all my Kivases into the discard pile. When I foolishly used STP to bring up my first Tong to re-drop, he took that opportunity to put all my AU personnel on top of the deck to keep me from having anyone to play. He also had Klim Dokachim out, so if I managed to play a personnel, it was usually unique, so I couldn’t get use Officer Exchange program. I was basically stalled out a lot due to an Edo probe at Boreth, then Scientific Method at another mission. I attempted Ligos VII, hit another Edo probe, decided to blow past it and managed to lose 10 points after being stopped by whatever dilemma downloads Ferengi and battles. I killed his dudes but was stopped and hit another wall after that. I ended up completing that mission next turn with two mission specialists to bring us up to 35 pts. That was pretty much the end of game, though. I couldn’t get back to Boreth to complete because he played Atmospheric Ionization on me. I tried to attempt Secret Salvage II. I knew I couldn’t complete it, but I was hoping he’d kill someone, and I could Klingon Death Yell for the win. Sadly, that also didn’t happen.

Round 3BorgRomulanJoe KallstromFL (-10)
Joe was playing Borg, which I knew as soon as he laid out Earth, Qo'NoS and Romulus. I forgot to write too many notes here, but I know that he pulled off Assimilate Homeworld. This left me a bit hamstrung because I couldn't use the AAH free play, but I COULD report to Gowron, even if he was on the outpost. I want to say that Q of Borg was helpful against Cytherians in this game, but can't remember.

Round 4BorgMathew McCalpinFL (-30)
Mathew was also playing TNG Borg, but initially fooled me into thinking he was playing Romulan. You can view our entire game here: https://youtu.be/Yqf32sLgmUs

Closing Thoughts
This is a fun format. The TNG property logo on the deckbuilder is super useful here!