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Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)
Tournament Report - 2E
2014-01-26 - 12:00 PM
Terok NorI Knew I Was Going to Lose the Moment I Saw This Deck Was Terok Nor
Fooooooook! Add lots of profanity here. Add to the nastiness the fact that all the packs were TNG themes, so I was lucky to a number of useful NA people, like E'Tyshra.

Round 1CardassianCorbin JohnsonFL (-70)
Corbin just got out ahead of me. I got a ship early, but staffing was dicey (not the stars, but the people of the correct affiliation). FL 30-100

Round 2FerengiBrian LeonardFL (-100)
Brian's Ferengi were quick. Plus he got Gint, the lucky bastage. He really slowed me down at Kressari Rendezvous and I never made it through. FL 0-100

Round 3KlingonEdward PigmanFW (+65)
Ed was really hampered by his lack of range. I managed to make it through my missions a bit faster, now that I had a feel for the deck. It also helped me that I went planet first, and he gave me two space dilemmas on my first attempt, so I breezed through my first mission. FW 100 - 35

Closing Thoughts
I got a couple of achievements. Yeah!