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Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)
Tournament Report - 2E
2014-09-28 - 12:00 PM
VoyagerStupid Achievements Mean I Have to Play Voyager
I decided to try Species 8472 for our release tourney. I paired it with Voyager for easy access to the Delta Quadrant, and some of their dilemma busting powers. The goal was to complete Northwest Passage first and use my turns completing Terrasphere 8 to churn more S8471 dilemmas into my opponents core.

Round 1StarfleetJustin EatonFW (+25)
Justin was playing Starfleet. He got out to a quick start, finishing his first space mission easily and getting the 10 bonus points before I could get my first mission done. Did you know SF whiffs AIoT? Bugger. Anyway, I completed NW Passage while he completed his 2nd space. I was having a lot of luck getting S8472 into his core, and pulled off a couple of Combined Attacks. I completed Terrasphere 8 in one attempt while he was went home to pick up folks. I needed just a couple of more S8472, which I managed to lay down while he made his first attempt on his planet (endangered really helped here). I stopped him on his attempt and won at the start of my turn. FW 65-75 (Recorded in system as 100-75)

Round 2BajoranBrian LeonardFW (+30)
Brian was playing a Bajoran speed deck. I knew my AIoT would work on him, but also knew that 2 of my S8472 dilemmas would completely whiff (the one requiring 2 Honor and the one with 2 Dip). He was fairly quick out of the gate with Investigate Maquis Activity. I managed to get some S8472 out on his first attempt, and stopped him then. He made it through on his 2nd attempt and moved over to Security Briefing. I stopped him there with some well-place AIoT and many S8472 dilemmas in his core. In the meantime I had finished NW Passage and moved onto Terrasphere 8. I finished it and had about 10 S8472 dilemmas in his core when he finally completed Security Briefing. He went home, finished his turn and I won at the start of my next turn. FW 60-70 (Recorded in system as 100-70)

Round 3DominionMichael MoskopTT (0)View opponent's Report
Michael had a very weird S8472/Dominion infiltration deck that just hammered me at NW Passage. He got 4 infiltrators on Voyager and just kicked my ass. He got 13 dilemmas under before I could finally complete. Even divvying up people onto Delta Flyer wouldn't help much. I didn't move Voyager off the mission, because I didn't think to, and it turned out (even after Michael pointed it out after the game) I needed my 2 command guys to solve the mission. I finally got it done (he forgot he had Founder Instigator so didn't screw me over on my last attempt at NW Passage). I moved Voyager to Caretaker's Array and the Delta Flyer to Terrasphere 8. I got 2 attempts in before time was called, but didn't finish it. He had completed Terrasphere 8 but didn't have 8 S8472 in my core (thanks Old Feelings!), so he started NW Passage. He didn't complete on his turn, and I refrained from using Endangered, so we ended up: TT 35-35 Oh yeah; fuck Bashir Founder. I hate that guy.

Closing Thoughts
S8472 (and winning the tourney) has taken an edge off my hatred of Voyager. It means I don't have to spend as much time looking at them. :-)