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Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)
Tournament Report - 2E - Deep Space 9 Regional
2015-04-11 - 11:00 AM
VoyagerStupid Achievements Mean I Have to Play Voyager
I have been so busy lately that I haven't had any time to build or refine decks. I decided to go with a deck that won in the past. I like the S8472 stuff, and I think it pairs well with Voyager, since they have easy access to the Delta quadrant and have Kes and Neelix, who both have Anth/Exo for Terrasphere 8. I thought I had disassembled this deck, but happily found that I had not. When I got to the tourney, I did realize I had cannibalized it for some Secret IDs. Luckily Ed and Al had some I could borrow.

Round 1DS9-EarthEdward PigmanFW (+100)View opponent's Report
Ed was running a very interesting DS9/Earth all Gamma Quadrant deck. It looked like a standard solver to me, but I would soon be proven wrong. I got lucky with my opening hand and drew two Combined Attacks, so got my S8472 on early. When Ed went out to attempt stuff with the Defiant, he ran into trouble with Unusual Simulacrum and The Weak Will Perish, so more S8472 dilemmas in core. I took a couple of turns to get Northwest Passage done, giving me the chance to finish up with 8 dilemmas in his core. I had one attempt at Terrsphere 8 and a bunch of peeps on the planet when Ed got out the Prometheus and 2 Precise Attacks. I was starting to get nervous about battle when Ed decided that he couldn't win, and conceded to me. FW 100-0

Round 2StarfleetMichael MoskopFL (-65)View opponent's Report
This was a tough round. Michael was playing Damaged Starfleet with a side of D'Vela. He got out Nathan Samuels first turn and went to work with the cheap reports. He also got out A SIght for Sore Eyes quickly for use with AWC, so he got a huge head start on me. I think I completed Norhtwest Passage and used it once, but couldn't complete Terrasphere 8 before he did his third mission. I also seem to recall Secret IDing Emory Erickson twice to keep him from bumping up any Strength 6 engineers to 7, which would allow them to get past The Weak Will Perish. I did get quite a few S8472 dilemmas in his core, but his Starfleet folks finished their missions faster than I could do mine. FL 35-100

Round 3VoyagerBrian LeonardFW (+60)View opponent's Report
Brian was playing a Voyager deck adding in his 2nd favorite guy of all time, Vic Fontaine (1st favorite being Tosk). He started out fast, attempting Caretaker's Array to get some quick points for AWC and Field Studies. I got a few dilemmas in his core, he went on to complete Obtain Advanced Technology. Meanwhile I was waiting to get peeps to do either Northwest Passage or Terrasphere 8 and coming up with bubkus (sp?). Combined Attack once again save my bacon, as I drew and played all three of them over the course of this round, bringing me up to 8 in core. I finally managed to get out Kes and Neelix to work on Terrasphere 8 as he was attempting Destroy Transwarp Hub. I finished T8 and held him off for one more attempt at Destroy Transwarp Hub. At the beginning of my turn, I triggered T8's gametext and won. FW 100-40?

Closing Thoughts
S8472 is a VERY powerful mechanic. This deck has done very well twice, winning one tourney and placing 3rd here.