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Jared Hoffman (Mugato)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Day Two
2013-08-17 - 02:00 AM
BorgPokemon Borg 2013 Day 2
Day 1 was a lot of fun games. I don't know that I'll get to a round by round report, but I played great games against Will Hoskins, Dave Kuck, Niel Timmons, Aaron Weil and James Booker. Everyone was on their A game and the games were all challenging.

After day 1, we went to champions for the Beermeister. We had a good time. I played a couple games and sat out the third round after someone left. We left before the round that was supposed to be round 4 happened. We had a good time but I was wiped out. In hindsight it was too late for me. We went back to get some rest and get ready for the next day. I reviewed my day 2 deck choices and decided making changes and staying with borg would be my best choice so I went to be and finished the deck during breakfast.

Round 1TNGJames BookerFL (-90)View opponent's Report
James & I played our last round Day 1 and both games were a nail biter. We both knew what we needed to do. I was able to get a couple stops on him, but his early grav traps kept me from getting to my 2 of 9 to destroy enterprise J. Also, I added a few minor difficulties for the enterprise-d, but I knew I couldn't lead off with it because of Grav Trap. My plan was to let him destroy a few events like energize and quintessence and then download AFMD so he had to get to a 3rd mission. Unfortunately for me AFMD was in my first 5 Interlink discards and I wasn't able to maneuver around enough to get it back in the discard pile as my Observation Drones were also hiding.

On my first mission I got hit by gomtuu (no acertain). Second attempt he was able to filter me down to a wnohgb. On his second or third attempt at POM, he was able to solve with 5 people and 37 cunning.

I got back home to repair the next turn with a sizable crew that would have probably got through at least 1 1/2 missions since I drew into the interrupts I needed including K&E.

However, on his next turn, James headed over to Deliver Ancient Artifact. I couldn't draw into a Back to Basics and he had enough for two good crews easily since he had archaeology and geology equipment. He attempted with 6 and I knew I needed to stop him with as few as possible. Anything more would have given him and easy mop up with the second team, so I played minimally, thinking he was going to take free dilemmas with cadets first. I gave him Hard Time, Timescape, Whispers. Unfortunately for me he brought the real crew and Data's Physics. It was as good of a game as we had on Day 1. Booker never disappoints!

Round 2BajoranGeoffery PetersonFL (-30)
I knew I'd have to out race Geoffery's bajorans and controls interrupts with Reprogrammed to get through this match. The first event downloading I drew was fifth. I had 6 cards in my hand and 1 reprogrammed so I though it was a safe risk so I could get my deck going but I ended up loosing the reprogrammed so I had to race through all the more. I got a lot going and was attempting strong, but I wasn't able to also get another reprogrammed. That forced me to set up back to basics a couple times with personal duty & an issue of trust since neither alone would prevent the solve.

I had also SI'd out a Basso Tomac and 2 were discarded from Bariel so I was able to assimilate one after solving Assimilate Resistance. I didn't attempt with him since my K&E were in the discard pile and I didn't have observation drone (had to swap in other things to pass dilemmas). In hindsight I should have included Basso since Geoffery played NE to kill Basso at Salvage Borg Ship, settling for the queen instead. I got a queen out again the next turn but a random stop on the queen + Hard time on medial + triage for another medical again prevented me from solving.

When I did solve, I loaded up my deck with 9 interrupts including 2 K&E. I then went to Find Lifeless World and got a pretty good start on it, but not solve. 4-5 under so I was happy.

On Geoffery's last turn he went to his planet. Time was almost up and he went first so we knew it would be his turn and I'd have one more chance. He had one team and I think he went with 7 it think, or something close to that. I was able to stop all but 2 people. Unfortunately for me Dukat and Jadzia Dax were the two that got through the selections. He was able to pump them up with Dukat and Covenant quite well. I think he was at least 5-8 integrity higher than the >31 requirement on the mission. Since I was done for the day I wanted to see if I'd draw the K&E and stuff I'd need so I drew 8 cards (surprise party) and yep, I had what I needed. I felt good about the game. It was another great game. I couldn't ask for two better losses.

Round 3Missed GameMG (0)

Round 4Missed GameMG (0)

Round 5Missed GameMG (0)

Closing Thoughts
Two fantastic game against great players. Two of the best games I had all weekend. Well earned victories by both James and Geoffery.

After that I played some King of Tokyo with Joel and some random strangers. It is a fun game. I picked up a copy for my boys, but it isn't a game I'd want to play a lot of. I couldn't imagine playing in the national championship that was at gencon. In the end it is still a dice game and I'd get tired of ultra competitive players in a dice game real fast!

I also tried out a pop-up 4 person tournament for Star Trek Attack Wing. On Thursday Joel & I got a demo of the star wars game by Fantasy Flight. For those that don't know, Wizkids licensed the movement system from Fantasy Flight. Star Wars was more like dog firing fighter jets. Star Trek Attack Wing was more like capital ships. The Galor I got (Random pick from 7 boosters) was hard to turn but had a 180 degree firing ark so you didn't always have to turn hard. I was able to chance down Khan in the reliant and avoid a few photon torpedoes. My second game was against Kirk. I was able to pin him into the corner of the board and make a charging run straight at him with for victory so I got a second ship and a Khan promo. So I ended up picking up the base game for myself so I could try it out more. I'll reserve judgement until I see what 2 vs 2 or 2 vs 3 ship play is like but it was fun.

We hung out in the rio grande room after that & played some dominion guilds. It was fun but Joel & I were getting tired. We got to do a lot Saturday so we decided it best we headed home rather than push through another day.

Great weekend. Thanks all for playing and super thanks, as always he never disappoints, to Charlie for hosting another top notch STCCG experience at Gencon! It sounds like he's already got gears turning for 2014 Worlds at Gencon so be sure to plan on coming!