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Doug Hughes (gtdoug)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Omarion Nebula Regional (L2)
2009-04-19 - 12:00 PM
RomulanRomulan Surprise!

Round 1RomulanWilliam HoskinMW (0)

Round 2DS9Unjustly BannedFW (0)

Round 3CardassianRomulanSteve UptonFL (0)

Round 4FerengiStuart MotleyML (0)
Neutralized Stuart's Ishka on my first turn... (all three copies) this delayed him quite a bit... Meant I got a timed loss... rather than a full loss.

Round 5DominionNicholas YankovecFL (0)

Round 6TNGDS9Daniel GiddingsFW (0)
Attempted my last mission with 15 personnel... in space.

Round 7ByeBY (0)
Watched the Penalty shoot our between Man Utd and Everton.