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Sean O'Reilly (Jono)
Tournament Report - Tr
2020-11-14 - 04:00 PM
There is a party in the Mirror Universe
This was the fourth league event for Orlandorians 2020-2021. We had seven players.

Round 1 ()
Round 1. Incredibly this round lasted 32 minutes. No one played a Maska to reduce our hand sizes. Eric went out on a 100,000 tribble (which is not easy to do). He ended up scoring 631,447 in the round. Round 2. A much shorter round. I went out on a Discard tribble. Mirror and IDIC helped me scored 251,024 in the round because there were no 10,000 or 100,000 tribbles in my play pile when I went out. Round 3. John went out by deciding not to use the Generosity power. He scored 101,533 in the round, which ended just a few minutes before the hour was over. Round 4. Eric scored 100 points (the only player to tally points in the round) before time ran out.

Closing Thoughts
It turned out whoever won the extremely long Round 1 would go on to win the tournament. That was Eric. Congrats to him.