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Edward Pigman (jindrak)
Tournament Report - 2E
2014-09-28 - 12:00 PM
Holograms take two! Let's never mention take one, ok? So yeah, I've wanted to run 'grams since the Children of the Light team came out, but was lazy for the longest time. I paired it up with a Chula pile..because it was all I had built. See above: lazy. Didn't expect to wreck shop, but wanted to get a feel for how the deck developed and played.

Round 1DominionMichael MoskopML (-5)View opponent's Report
Ugh, My pile could hold off his guys, and the small size of the pile made sure I got my Games, but Mike was running multiple of AIoT and guess what? Deleted subroutines does $^&%^&% against it. First cut card of the day. Basically, I flew around, getting stopped by dilemmas that stop me cold (Intimidation, Issue/trust) and Mike flew around, making a mess and playing Chula. He ended up the victor via MW- the "ple-thor-a" of double treach Fed holos kept a decent amount of 8472 out of my core.

Round 2StarfleetJustin EatonFW (+100)
First time meeting Justin, and we talked old school Transformers, so he's cooler than almost everyone else in our play group automatically. I think he got some cold cards- small deck and still none of his personnel downloads appeared. I played an unmemorable game on my side, standard fair, but no play mistakes, so yeah, go me.

Round 3RelativityAl SchaeferMW (0)View opponent's Report
Heartbreaker this one! First mission took a while to get going, and ended up with a Game and Clown on it. Al went shopping for an easier opportunity elsewhere and I was cornered into some plays that I had no good answer for: secret ID 100% had to take Data out, but Kirk appeared and nix'ed my Game. ONH! took out my last Game, so I ended up way overloading to stop his teams. Thank goodness for the original mission with my initial Game, or this one would have been over.

Closing Thoughts
Decent outing now that I built the deck properly. Would really like to see an HQ where all Holos can play without having to chill at Athos IV. Also, would love to see some more universal NA holos from the background characters on the Olarra. Borg holo please! Oh and Al's daughter is the cutest thing I have seen in a long, long time! Yay Babies!