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Rick Kinney (T-Ricks)
Tournament Report - 2E - Cardassia Regional
2018-05-20 - 11:00 AM
CardassianRomulanDissidents are never satisfied - Melbourne Regional 2018
Using mostly Dissidents with as few bad "probes" as possible to keep The New Resistance chain of getting a lot of personnel into play fast going.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
Well, someone had to get the bye and it was me to start things off.

Round 2Terok NorDaniel MattesonMW (+40)
Daniel was my primary target that I really wanted to beat. My track record against him is extremely poor and I hoped I could improve it a little here. It was an exciting game with some good play on both sides. He used Our Death is Glory to the Founders to destroy my New Resistance but I countered with killing Mila to keep it in play. My Underlying Influence and Pattern Loss use kept him stalled out for several mission attempts. Dan was able to hold off my onslaught of personnel very well too. But the sheer numbers of people I had in play allowed me to keep plugging away at the missions and I was able to come away with a hard earned and long-time-coming, modified win.

Round 3VoyagerTed ReebelML (-75)
Ted's Voyager deck is always difficult to beat if you don't tech specifically for it. My Dissidents came out fast and furious as designed but they were no match for the death that awaited them. The one game I had the opportunity to play New Resistance immediately and I couldn't get the card until my fifth or sixth turn. That gave Ted time to build up his armada of events that did two devastating things. One, he was able to avoid most of my dilemmas stopping ability by cheating through the requirements. And two, he was able to get more dilemma counters to spend all the while reducing the costs of his most deadly dilemmas. I hit Whispers and Tsiolkovsky at least three times. Plus several other kill dilemmas hit the mark. That slew of events beat me to death, literally. Over half of my entire draw deck of personnel were in my discard pile by the end of the game. My mission skills and attributes were almost all gone. The destruction was too much and I couldn't even score one mission. All I accomplished was holding Ted to a modified win. It was a really good game all-the-same.

Closing Thoughts
The Dissidents worked very well I thought, against two very good, high level decks. Perhaps a bit more good luck and I might have pulled off a couple of surprising complete victories.