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Rick Kinney (T-Ricks)
Tournament Report - 2E - Cardassia Regional
2019-06-01 - 12:00 PM
KCAKlingon Alliance Mirror Might
This deck was going for a two mission win with some bonus points from engagements.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
Got the first Bye.

Round 2RomulanEric RobinettFL (-40)
Played Eric who was running a Romulan deck with a Chula the Game dilemma pile. We had a very close game. I got lucky with my random selections when facing his Chula weenie dilemmas and was able to do my first mission without too much trouble. He countered and we plodded along, each overcoming a dilemma or two each turn. I did use three turns attacking him for the bonus points I needed. If my cards weren't so high cost, I would have liked to get a second ship out to keep attempting missions while the other was doing the engagements. However, in the end when I had a chance to win by stopping him one last time, my dilemma pile came up short. I had two counters to spend on a planet mission. Even though I have a lot of one cost planet dilemmas in the deck, I didn't pull any. Eric solved it for the full win. His two Chula the Games on my second mission just slowed me down way too much and I couldn't do it before he got the win.

Round 3TNGJohn KinneyFW (+100)
John had really bad luck getting a ship out in this game. I had two missions complete before he even left his HQ. That left me no real choice but to do a third mission. John did get a ship out but at that point it was faster for me to do the mission than to attack for the bonus points. I also got lucky with his Chula dilemma pile and was able to get the full win before he could solve his first mission.

Round 4MaquisTed ReebelFW (+100)
Ted began putting events on my missions almost immediately, as soon as he had reported enough people to allow it. I had his events on every mission I had, some had two or even three events on them. While he was doing that he moved his ship to a planet mission to get extra card draws. That gave me the opportunity to go over and engage him very early in the game. I had 40 points before I even started attempting missions. Even though he had all kinds of ways to make solving my missions difficult by adding levels of skills to dilemmas, returning dilemmas, etc., I still solved them fairly quickly. The walls he put up didn't stop me as I had ample numbers of the skills required. My Brute Force mission was the easiest as Ted made a bad call on dilemma selections on my first attempt. He gave me one dilemma that would stop everyone if I had more than four of a skill he named. He named Honor. In the nine people in the away team, only one had Honor, and it was a Ferengi. The Alliance doesn't recruit a lot of honorable people I guess. I got the full win in less than 30 minutes.

Closing Thoughts
I felt the deck was a pretty solid one, if I was able to get an even mix of personnel, ship and engagement cards. In all three games, it worked the way I wanted it to. I just wish I could have pulled a rabbit out of the hat for Eric's last attempt. I had a shot at winning the Regional if that had happened.