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Rick Kinney (T-Ricks)
Tournament Report - 2E
2019-08-17 - 12:00 PM
Terok NorNon-AlignedA strong infestation
This deck uses high strength personnel mostly to meet the attribute requirements of the missions more easily. The skills needed are also plentiful with the same personnel.

Round 1TNGMartin DrakeFW (+100)View opponent's Report
I was able to solve each of my missions without too much attrition to my personnel. Martin did cause me to attempt my first mission three times before solving, I made up for that on my second mission by solving it on the first try. Mission number three took two attempts I think. Martin used a lot of the Starter Deck dilemmas that cost more than the benefit they provided. His Chula the Game only came out one time so the other Chula dilemmas were hit and miss, when I did face any. My Infestation dilemmas and the walls that I used with them kept Martin from solving any missions. He started one, but then abandoned it to go to a different one. I achieved the full win condition before he could score off either mission.

Round 2BorgEric RobinettFL (-100)
Eric kicked my butt. His Borg had just the right counters just when he needed them to overcome everything I threw at him. His Drone prevented my Infestations so the remaining dilemmas didn't work. He was able to skill track very well and targeted the Medical I needed for my first mission. I had to bail on that one to try a different mission mid-stream. That proved equally futile. I guess what the Borg say about resistance is correct. At least it was in this case. Eric handled our game rather easily, getting a full win 100 - 0.

Round 3RelativityTed ReebelFW (+65)
My games against Ted are always close and exciting. I usually end up on the short end of the scoreboard, but today it was my turn to win. A key point for me was putting his Data in my brig with Inequitable Exchange. That took away some of his mission solving power. He didn't have any Infestation prevention so my filters worked and I was able to hold him to only one completed mission. He did a good job using his Relativity deck and Temporal Transporters to get key personnel into the game, but again, Infestation would keep the attributes down enough for other dilemmas to hit. So, for a change, I got the full win here, 100 - 35.

Closing Thoughts
As long as Infestation doesn't get prevented, this deck can be competitive. I probably should have included the mission Iota Geminorum IV, to help keep my Infestations from being prevented to some degree, but I didn't. Live and learn. Other than that, things worked close to how I would have liked them to. I would have been more comfortable if I could have drawn Khan sooner in each game to reduce the cost of his followers. I prefer to get Kati and McPherson into play faster, but the luck of the draw works better in some games than in others. Bottom line is, it's a good solid deck, not Tier 1, but I like it none-the-less.