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Rick Kinney (T-Ricks)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Cardassia Regional
2012-04-21 - 12:00 PM
TNGDS9One is a lonely number
This is a Regional tournament, 2E standard constructed deck. We had eight players but one missed the first game so one person ended up with a bye for that round. To be honest, the games went fairly predictably with the exception of Jojo holding the 15th ranked player in the world to a true tie. Good job Joanne! Except for ships and equipment, all the cards in my draw deck played for a cost of one or less. Any cards that cost more than one had a benefit to lower the average cost to one. For instance, Li Nalas Legend of Bajor costs two, but lets me draw a card, so I save the cost of drawing that card, and so on.

Round 1VoyagerJoseph BazemoreML (-30)
My first mission attempt against Joe went painfully slow. We can thank Insurrection and my low attribute people. I actually lost count of the number of attempts I had at Host Metaphasic Shielding Test. I'm thinking it was at least four, maybe five. It stalled me enough for Joe to take a lead and hold on to it. My dilemmas did manage to keep him in check to some extent, even with his Voyager trickery. Result, modified loss, 35 - 65.

Round 2KlingonTNGJohn KinneyMW (+5)
John was playing a Klingon strength deck that I have played a few times, so I knew it pretty well. His card draws weren't working out for him and I was getting my peeps in fast and furious. He did a good job with his dilemmas, and many of them were returned to his dilemma pile. This slowed me down and it seemed to take a long time to finally complete my first and only mission. I actually had to abandon my first mission attempts at space (Insurrection again) and go do Investigae Maquis Activity first. I didn't need the bonus points so that's why I hadn't attempted it first. However, I didn't have enough range and couldn't get back to the space mission. Turns out, that five point bonus was the difference in winning or tieing. I ended up with a modified win, 35 - 30.

Round 3TNGNon-AlignedJoanne KinneyFW (+35)
I had already played against Joanne's deck with my deck a couple of times in practice for today's tournament. We had each won one game so we were pretty even. Since I was somewhat familiar with her deck I wasn't as worried about what I might face with her dilemmas. I had lots of ETUs and an Escape so I could afford to take a more relaxed attitude when attempting missions. I got off to a good start and was finishing my second mission as she was starting her first. I took the lead and never gave it up. That gave me the full win, 105 - 70.

Round 4TOSThomas KamiuraML (-40)
Thomas was a surprise player at the tournament. I only saw his registration literally minutes before the event. His ranking of #15 in the world is very impressive and I knew he would give Eric Robinett (rycar60) a run for his money. Geoffery Peterson (Madred) didn't make it to the tournament, unfortunately. It would have been cool to have Geoffery, Thomas and Eric in the same event. Anyway, Thomas had a solid TOS deck with a little twist. He used it to attack one of my ships and reduce its range to worthless. Then he attacked again using Kruge, to capture one of my other ships and three people. Who would figure a TOS deck being aggressive like that! I was quite unprepared. His dilemma selection worked VERY well with his draw deck and he was able to keep my missions free of overcome dilemmas. He targeted my Diplomacy and put a hurting on me in that regard. Since all my missions required Diplomacy, it made it an uphill battle for me. A battle I lost, but at least it was a modified loss. I was able to hold him off on his last mission attempt. He had 18 people but didn't want to hit Timescape, so attempted with all 18. My dilemma pile was a lot like my draw deck, lots of low cost dilemmas and no duplicate dilemmas. I hit him with 18 low cost counters and ended stopping or killing all but maybe five or six people. He then hit a wall dilemma he couldn't get past. So that's how I got a modified loss, 35 - 75.