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Joseph Wisniewski (geraldkw)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2020-06-05 - 12:00 PM
RomulanRomulan TNG OTF
It was great playing in my first ever(probably, the 90's are murky) ST:CCG Tournament. Everyone was very nice and fun to play with and I feel like I did pretty well for my first outing. I hoped that having a different format would help give me a bit easier footing for my first tournament as everyone tested out their ideas. Of course I had a deckbuilding problem that I wasn't aware of until I was starting the game and Maggie, my first opponent, graciously pointed out that I had a GQ mission and a MQ mission and did I have a way to get there. I didn't. In the interest of time I just added 4 WI to my deck and we started. The bad news is I only added them using /spawn on Lackey so they weren't there for any of the later games. It seemed weird that I never drew a single one after the first game, so there that went.

Round 1KlingonMaggie GeppertFW (+5)View opponent's Report
I played against Maggie Geppert playing a Klingon deck with Officer Exchange Program, Legitimate Leader and the ubiquitous Attention All Hands. I managed a timed win by the skin of my teeth and an error on my opponent's part. Officer Exchange Program seemed to provide an endless stream of personnel, so I have reconsidered that card's value after seeing it in action. Always a Chess game and Attention All Hands along with my HQ provided a decent amount of free plays for me as well, though I realized using "Let's See What's Out There" requires you to pay attention to the spaceline while seeding or it's a hassle to trigger. I got walled in my attempts to solve Secret Salvage(or possibly Compromised Mission, I can't quite remember), so I ended up stealing Maggie's Wormhole Negotiations for my only solved mission of the game, with a mission specialist that put me at 50+5pts for overcoming my own Null Space, which was easy since the Shades of Gray HA wasn't revealed yet. Maggie solved her Distress Mission with two mission specialists and overcame my Crystalline Entity(why did I see this at a planet? I had Lore but it's still bad at a planet) for 50 pts and we ran to time, just like all of my matches in this tournament.

Round 2Jason RobinetteTT (0)
JasonRed playing Ferengi Military Operations(BLUEGILL!!!!) I was worried he was going to try to fight me in personnel battles with some kind of beam through shields trick. Well, we did fight but it was just some ferengi from the download 3 peeps dilemma, and being Universal none were bluegills, so they died horribly at the mighty hands of my Romulans. Fortunately, personnel battle wasn't Jason's plan. He managed to get tons of personnel out right away but a slight miscalculation into Barclay's+Brutality was a big set back. He recovered quickly but not before I was able to batter through dilemma after dilemma the hard way at Expose Covert Supply. Admiral Mendak helped us solve Romulus with some Espionage on Klingon action. Jason was able to solve two space missions and we ended in a 60-60 true tie. Notes, Shades of Gray: Cruelty is a card that exists so I should stock more Exobiology in this format. Maybe I should have tried ship combat but there wasn't a great opportunity. Lore killed Dr. Soong with the Nemesis trick(I still think it's a silly rule but I'll use it if it's kill or be killed).

Round 3RomulanSebastian KirsteinFL (-30)
Sebastian Kirstein brought his own Romulans to the table, with a Chess Game/Rom Underground from the Tent(old School). I lost, but it was pretty close. Redshipping seems to be a big thing. I can't remember a whole lot more, but it was fun. Sebastian's deck gave me a few ideas to improve my Romulan deck. I really wish I had the 4 wormholes in the deck... I realized from this and another game that Arsenal Separated is only Unique personnel which makes it not the solution wall in front of every space mission, at least not in a format with Attention All Hands.

Round 4FerengiNiall MatthewTT (0)

Closing Thoughts
There was a 4th Round! I played Sexecutioner. As I expected from his handle and deck designs I figured this would be an interesting match. It turned out to be a lot of fun and we both did lots of stuff and messed around with our deck designs but were entirely ineffective. 0-0 True Tie Lessons Learned: never Super team a space mission at the spaceline end with no way to deal with Cytherians. Always wait on Special Downloads as long as possible. Barclay's is good even if it only kills 4 chumps. In For a Trim is a card that people play with(I really considered trying it myself, but chickened out). Equipment Replicator is a good partial counter to In For a Trim since I can download an equipment from my tent but search and shuffle the deck, which means at least I am not totally at the mercy of my opponent maniupulating the top x cards of the deck. Also thanks again Barclay's for killing some Barbers. Actual Closing Thoughts: I had a lot of fun and I got some ideas for building decks for the format. I feel like it's a fun format and I would play in another tournament using this format in the near future.