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Joseph Wisniewski (geraldkw)
Tournament Report - 1E - American National
2020-07-04 - 12:00 AM
DominionUnited Species of The Dominion
This tournament was a good experience for me overall, even though I learned several hard lessons about deck building.

Round 1KlingonBrian STT (0)
Brian played Klingon Rura Penthe. He had a lot of Computer Crashes seeded. I never got a ship, he was unable to pull things together as well. True Tie. Moral of the story, if you have turn one downloads for deck engines/ships you better have QIR. I did have a ship in my deck I just couldn't draw it despite ending with like 10 cards in my deck.

Round 2MaquisJon CarterFL (-100)View opponent's Report
Lesson: Play the deck that won the last Nationals. This deck is really fast. I think Maquis having 3 free personnel per turn is probably too much. I did stymie him for a moment with Buried Alive->Space Amoeba->"God" but he fished up another ship and took care of it while I was stuck again behind Computer Crashes.

Round 3Federationlotjx2MW (+35)
A Federation deck. I managed to grind through some interesting Dilemmas that don't see much use but were tricky for me to deal with and solve one mission. I drained a lot of points from my opponent with Oof! and The Higher... The Fewer. Modified Win.

Round 4BorgStephen PTT (0)
The Borg. Needless to say I lost some personnel battles. Fortunately he forgot he already had Gowron of Borg so he couldn't assimilate O'Brien Founder as a counterpart. Dominion vs Assimilate Species worked okay for me(which species?), and I even had a White Deprivation brawl for a turn and lost several Vorta. Between casualties inflicted by my opponent and my own people, I couldn't get a decent crew together. Fortunately I had some good stuff under Q'onos so he couldn't assimilate it or score points for the would-be counterpart. True Tie.

Round 5Non-AlignedMaggie GeppertML (-20)View opponent's Report
Androids everywhere. Lesson: SCIENCE is important for beating Dilemmas. I knew this but I couldn't draw SCIENCE despite having a decent amount and an efficient draw engine in Reward from the Founders and Deyos. I also had a real tough time placing dilemmas, after doing well with that against Stephen just a couple days before. I think something experienced players do consistently better with than non-experienced is things relating to spaceline placement. If I played the Bajoran Wormhole slightly differently I might have had a shot at another mission.

Closing Thoughts
QIR would have made a difference in the first two games. Enough to win? Not sure but Computer Crash is an NPE if you aren't ready for it. I have played the game enough to know better so I don't fault anyone. I am kind of sad that Computer Crash has a TNG logo version though because it's probably not going to be a good thing for the TNG Only format. Overall, I had fun, everyone was really nice. Thanks to everyone for playing/hosting the event!