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Joseph Wisniewski (geraldkw)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2020-08-10 - 12:00 PM
StarfleetDrafted Into Starfleet

Round 1HirogenMathew McCalpinMW (+35)
This is a bit of a Blur. Somehow I got the mod win. Should update tournament report sooner.

Round 2FerengiNiall MatthewFL (-68)
The Magnificent Ferengi build, multi quadrant. I wanted to build this deck for a while so it was interesting to see it happen. I forgot that the Genesis Device existed so I might not have placed dilemmas optimally. I did my thing which was red shipping space missions and eventually solved one but I neglected the part about Grappler discarding for points only at a mission that requires an attribute and so I was at 45 points. I can't remember if I subsequently hit a Dead End, but lesson learned for future reference.

Round 3Imperial StarfleetSebastian KirsteinML (-50)
This was darn close. I was regular Starfleet and he was mirror and the only interaction between our forces was Captain Forrest taking a "Quantum Leap" to 22nd Century non-mirror Earth. Chula: The Game or some such locked up one of my shuttles and the other one was also locked out, forcing me to commit the Enterprise and get somehow also held up long enough for time to run out.

Closing Thoughts
It was interesting to try out Starfleet!