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Joseph Wisniewski (geraldkw)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2021-01-05 - 12:00 AM
BajoranFederationSealed 2nd Anthology - DECK

Round 1KlingonRomulanMathew McCalpinFW (+5)
Thanks for the game, my memory is terrible.

Round 2RomulanMichael Van BreemenFL (-50)
Michael reminded me that I am not going to win very often against him even in limited. Well maybe in 10 years or so that will change. Fun game though.

Round 3ByeBY (0)

Round 4RomulanMaggie GeppertFL (-60)
Maggie was able to get through enough missions (including a shared mission she got zero for because of an accidental misseed there) while I struggled with the sheer vastness of space and lack of leaders as my greatest weaknesses.

Closing Thoughts
Fun and interesting sealed pool but I got a bad pull and failed to capitalize on what I had, partially because I was juggling other tournaments at the same time. I need to spend a little more time focusing on deck building and strategy before going into new card pool events.