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Mark Morris (BaronMorrath)
Tournament Report - Tr Tribbles - Worlds Day Two
2011-08-07 - 02:00 PM
My deck worked much better on 'day 2'. the deck was designed to go out, turns out it managed to do just that. unfortunately it didnt score points in doign so

Round 1 ()
my hand flew to the table and i think i scored ~11K tribbles

Round 2 ()
my hand flew again and maybe score ~20K tribbles

Round 3 ()
by now a few poisons had shown up and my score was in jeopardy, but once again i managed to go out. I had barely a lead, a single poison for 100,000 would take the lead of our table

Round 4 ()
The poison for 100K showed up.... unfortunately it was an antidote. There goes my lead of the table

Round 5 ()
crunch time... i need to go out AND score at least one 100K in the process. turns out my luck was in, and my antidote was revealed to a poison. I won 4/5 of the rounds at the table, yet finished the event with just under 150K total tribbles.. haha. Had a blast, thanks to everyone for the fun table.