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Brian S (JeBuS)
Tournament Report - 1E - Deep Space 9 Regional
2019-05-19 - 12:00 PM
RomulanNothing Gets By You
Pew Pew!

Round 1TerranJason BeyerTT (0)View opponent's Report
Jason was playing Terrans and apparently just two ships. So when the ISS Enterprise went to attempt a mission, and the crew needed for staffing died... Well, there wasn't a lot he could do, since his other ship was the Delta Flyer in the tent, and he couldn't get the Hidden Fighter. His dilemmas stopped my guys. I had some bonus points, but at the end, neither of us had any real points. First True Tie of the tournie!

Round 2DominionRobin BielefeldtTT (0)
When I saw what Robin seeded, I got really excited. A Dominion fleet deck! We Pew Pewed a lot! Reed Alert for Straight & Steady and Polarized Hull Plating can make the Raptors fierce when the opponent counter-attacks. It was fun. Lots of bonus points were had. Zero real points, though. Second True Tie of the tournie! We also played a rematch after the tournament. Turns out, the Raptors can dismantle the Dominion fleet and outposts systematically if you actually try. Also, everyone should remember that an open Spacedoor invites unwanted guests.

Round 3FederationMaggie GeppertTT (0)
Maggie was playing SciDip AMS Feds. She got reeeeeeeeeally close to scoring real points. But, the dilemmas did just enough to allow my Raptors to go Pew Pew! Held those rascally Feds to nothing while scoring 40 or 50 bonus points. But no real points. Third True Tie of the tournie!

Closing Thoughts
Once I got the first true tie, I knew what the deck could do. I got the triple crown, baby!