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Brian S (JeBuS)
Tournament Report - 1E - Peldor Gratitude Festival
2019-12-14 - 12:00 PM
Got a Vor'cha in my first pack, so tried to draft Klingons with no treaty. It was probably a terrible draft strategy. I barely had enough people to solve missions.

Round 1Jesse J KastenFW (+35)
Jesse had some Feds with Son'a flavor. He got a faster start, but probably should have done more free plays. He really only lost because he was short 1 Treachery for a dilemma. I felt like I was a turn behind him for most of the game, walled by Astrophysics at multiple missions. One turn faster and Jesse would have won with a reversed score.

Round 2Brian LeonardFW (+45)
Brian had some massively skill-dense personnel in the Bajorans and some NA folk. I got lucky when all of his personnel were wiped out by dilemmas in one turn. Then on my following turn, the same thing happened to me. We both had our Husnock ships stranded away from our outposts. I reshuffled my discard into my deck to start over. Brian eventually did the same, though apparently he had doubles of a lot of his people. He managed to staff a new ship before I could, so as a last ditch effort, I wormholed (pre-errata) his ship to the far end of the spaceline from his cleared mission. The delay for his long journey back gave me time to get out a couple more ships and destroy his new ship and crew. While he was busy rebuilding again, I solved missions for the win.

Round 3Jason BeyerFW (+100)

Closing Thoughts
1e draft takes too long to actually draft and make decks. Need to do something about that. I appreciate that every time we play, the guys are giving more feedback on the cards and format.