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Brian S (JeBuS)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2020-06-05 - 12:00 PM
FederationTNG Only For All - Rd 4

Round 1BorgKlingonRomulanJames HeaneyFL (-100)
In our first round game, James played pretty straightforward TNG Borg vs my pretty straightforward Fed SciDip. I didn't tech against Borg, so don't take this as a complaint, just observations. I think James faced 9 or 10 dilemmas total and ignored all but one. He had a literal hand full of cards to negate dilemmas, but never needed to use them, since Borg are naturally immune to so many dilemmas. The only reason the game didn't end in 5 turns and 30 minutes was because he had a 50/50 shot at hitting a Cytherians and ended up picking the wrong mission. So it delayed him a few turns. (But even Cytherians is degraded by Q of Borg.) If James really pushed it, I think he could have won on turn 5 at a different mission.

Round 2BorgRomulanJoe KallstromFW (+25)
So for round 2, Joe was playing Borg and I definitely saw it coming in the seed phase. So I stacked dilemmas which would try to take over his ship at the spaceline end. That part worked out ok. I saw his J-25 40-point mission near me, so I put down weak dilemmas. An interesting thing happened. When I went to steal it, I cleared most of it. He came in and cleared the rest and completed his objective for 35 points. We then discussed if it was possible for me to solve the mission. We didn't find any rules that say I couldn't, so I solved it for 40 points, plus 5 AMS points. Is this right? Since Joe had used his turn before to clear Earth for Assimilate Homeworld and was only waiting for a good probe, I figured I had just 1 turn to win the game. So on the same turn I solved his J-25, I used Near Warp Transport to beam my crew off that ship, to the adjacent Access Archives, where I had left my mega-crew. So they all went head-first into those dilemmas. He had lots of stopped folks, sent Bev off to the far end, who I really needed for her classification. Cleared all of his dilemmas down to the Scow, which I didn't have the Range to move. So I had to end my turn, knowing I wouldn't be able to report any more Fed folks, and wondering if he could complete Earth and another mission on his turn. On Joe's turn, he did complete Earth., but that was it. So he was up 75-45. On my turn, I reported Anya to my outpost adjacent to AA. She was able to [DL] Salia, who got me VIP for AA. My folks on AA beamed up to the ship in orbit, except Mendon, who stayed behind to score five points from Sarjenka at AA. 75-50. The mega-crew moved the scow, picked up Anya and Salia, flew back to AA and completed it for 70 points. So here's my take-aways from this game. If Joe got luckier on a draw / probe, he likely would have won 1 turn before I did. If I hadn't gone all-or-nothing on dilemmas at the one spaceline end, Joe would've probably been 2 turns faster than me, as it cost him at least that many turns on the dilemma stop, plus my taking control. I took 6 turns, Joe took 5. It's hard to say if that felt like a good number of turns, because Lackey kept crashing. But it felt like a lot happened. We have no idea what our play-time was.

Round 3KlingonRJ SmithFW (+31)
coming soon...

Round 4KlingonPaddy TyeFL (-60)
coming soon...

Closing Thoughts
TNG only is a good card pool. I just wonder about the Borg.