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Brian S (JeBuS)
Tournament Report - 1E
2015-10-03 - 12:00 PM
DominionDom Battle Deck v1
This was the first time I'd played the game since 2003. I'm not embarrassed to say that I really forgot how to play. The guys were great, though. Very helpful walking me through the basics again. They made some great suggestions, too.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
I needed extra time to cut out all of the proxies. So I took the bye, gladly. I sat to the side and watched Michael and Jason, so I wouldn't be completely lost when my turn came to play.

Round 2FederationJason BeyerML (-60)
This was a learning experience for me. Jason was great, walking me through a lot of the basic stuff, especially the phases of the game and turns. We didn't get very many turns in, because I had so many questions. Jason didn't score many points before time was up, but he would have if the pace was quicker. Highlight of the game was when I wormholed my ship full of Jem'Hadar back in time to Jason's Cetacean Institute. He had the whales sitting there, as well as a Delta Flyer. I didn't really have a plan here other than to be menacing. But I guess if the ship wasn't landed, I would have blown it up. Instead... I left it there an extra turn, not thinking through the consequences. I wormholed back to my facility a turn too late, and my Ketracel White expired. White Deprivation kicked in! Fun times were had the last couple of turns!

Round 3RomulanEdward PigmanML (-27)
This was an interesting game. If I was 1 card draw faster, Edward would not have had any points. (Barring something unforeseen.) Edward got his Romulans out to his outpost fairly proficiently. Meanwhile, I had an ever-growing stack of personnel on a Breen Warship, sitting in the Gamma Quadrant. I didn't have the range to get to him (after an obligatory stop through the Bajoran Wormhole), so I just stayed put in the GQ until I pulled a 2nd Wormhole interrupt. Edward finally decided that his stack was big enough, so he loaded up his scout vessel and moved over to a space mission for an attempt. He ran into The Arsenal: Divided followed by The Cloud. His ship was damaged by 2 Breen Disruptor Bursts and stopped. A sitting duck! I finally had my 2nd Wormhole interrupt in hand. So I wormholed my Breen Warship to his location. My ship, of course, was stopped. Edward's next turn, he's searching for a solution and comes up with the only one he can. Because his ship is still stopped until the end of this turn by The Cloud, he can't run back to his outpost to hide. His only option was to use Space-Time Portal to return the ship and crew to hand. Not what I wanted, but not a bad result. Would have been nice if I could have stolen that mission, since he cleared out the dilemmas. But alas, that can't be done in OTF on a 35pt mission. On my turn, I moved over to the adjacent Construct Depot mission, used Ultimatum to download a Remote Supply Depot and some equipment. Edward got a warbird of some sort out with a new crew the next turn (or maybe 2 turns later). He went over and completed the bare mission. But Mission Debriefing stopped him there! I then reported an Alpha Attack Ship to the depot, put Weyoun in there with a VR Headset, and my fleet moved over to his warbird. Glorious battle ensued! My ships had a combined 33 attack to his 9(?) defend. 4 Breen Disruptor Bursts are enough to destroy anything. So that's how I scored my 8 points of the tournament, using Ultimatum to score points for the warbird. Edward offered some great advice, and I want to figure out how to incorporate it into v2 of the deck.

Closing Thoughts
I had a great time. A great group of guys to play with. I need to look at more of the new virtual cards, get up to date on the game. I can't wait to play again!