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Brian S (JeBuS)
Tournament Report - 1E
2015-11-15 - 12:00 PM
DominionDom Battle Deck v3 - Slim
Only my 2nd tournament since forever ago. This one went a lot better for me. I was much better prepared this time.

Round 1FederationBrian LeonardMW (+37)
Brian got an early mission solve because I screwed up when putting dilemmas into my deck. I had a combo that was pretty much completely useless. Brian just happened to pick that mission to attempt first. Then I destroyed everything he put on the spaceline. I got bonus points from Ultimatum and Phaser Array Power Cell. Then when we were down to our last few minutes, I did some mission solving. I forgot to count up the bonus points for Establish Dominion Foothold, so my score should have been 10 points higher. But it still wouldn't have given me a full win, so it doesn't matter. It's just another thing I forgot. Add it to the long list.

Round 2MaquisCorbin JohnsonFL (-70)
Corbin played the only type of deck that would completely frustrate mine. He stayed entirely in the Delta Quadrant, and I had no way to interact with him. We stayed on our own separate spacelines. There was no way I was winning this game. But, if I had a way to get to the DQ, I could have easily destroyed his lone ship. His ship was damaged -70% just from dilemmas, so finishing him off would not have been a problem. Gotta figure something out for that.

Round 3Jason BeyerFW (+100)
Jason, like Brian before, attempted the mission that had my dud dilemma combo. He cleared it out, no problem, but didn't have the skills to complete the mission. I chased him down with the Breen ship of doom, took out one of his ships. We played a bit of tag, with me chasing him around the spaceline. But eventually I got out all of the Attack Ships so there was just no hiding. I took out an outpost, I took out his ships, I decked him with Keevan, and in the end, he conceded. The actual score was something like 87 to 40 when he conceded. Jason didn't seem like he was enjoying the game and I regret that. His Klingon ships might have had the power to deal some damage to my fleet if Jason had attacked early. He had more ships than me for a little while. I was worried about that.

Closing Thoughts
I need to stop making boneheaded mistakes. I need to include a way to move to the DQ. And back, preferably.