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Brian S (JeBuS)
Tournament Report - 1E
2016-01-24 - 12:00 PM
DominionDom Battle Deck v7
So close, yet so far. The Dominion battle deck wreaked havoc, but came up a bit short.

Round 1KCAJason BeyerFW (+30)
While contemplating all of the things that could go wrong with my deck design, I considered an opponent who would seed a stack of Computer Crashes. But I thought it a remote possibility, so it wasn't worth worrying about. Jason played that deck. I was absolutely fascinated by it. I reported a giant stack of personnel, but couldn't put out a ship. That's because my Attack Ships were Alpha Quadrant. My Spacedoor couldn't download a ship because of the Crashes. --- Eventually, Jason started attempting missions. He hit Disgraceful Assault + Abandon Ship on the first attempt. So most of his crew was put in the "escape pods", waiting for rescue which would never come. Jason then flew back to base and repaired the damage. He next flew to another mission, where he faced Disgraceful Assault + Spaceborne Entity. Regency 1 went boom, with all hands lost. --- This threw a wrench into Jason's Computer Crash game plan. After a few turns, they ran out as he used card plays to rebuild. This opened the window for me to bring out the Breen Warship. After that, it was all downhill for Jason. He did manage to get the Regency 1 back out and staffed. He managed to solve that cleared mission. Then I destroyed his ship again, playing 4 Data's Medals on leaders in my fleet. --- I then went on to solve 4 Construct Depot missions, with minimal losses. The final score was 140-70.

Round 2KCATerranCorbin JohnsonML (-35)
Corbin was playing with Mirror stuff. I'm not familiar enough with Mirror Universe or Nors to tell you exactly how his deck worked. But he used General Quarters to slow me down enough for him to complete 2 planet missions. I harried him with my fleet. Corbin ran into my Buried Alive + Q-Flash combo. This was the first time I'd ever used Continuum cards. They worked as planned. Corbin was forced to initiate battle because of The Issue Is Patriotism. That ended up destroying his Defiant for 10 points. I then destroyed his Nor. I used personnel battle to slow him down when he used landed ships. Got 10 Medal points that way. Final score was 55-20.

Round 3ByeBY (0)
Got the bye, though that ended up being bad luck. When Mike and Brian won their 2nd round, it created a 3-way tie for first. With the complicated tie-breaking, I got the short end due to the bye & not playing either of them. Can't complain though. If I'd have won my 2nd game, it wouldn't have mattered. Wish we could've had a 6th player to avoid byes.

Closing Thoughts
The deck did better than I thought it would against a Crash deck. It did much worse than I thought against General Quarters. I think I'm going to retire this deck for a while. Try something new next time.