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Brian S (JeBuS)
Tournament Report - 1E
2016-03-06 - 12:00 PM
FederationTNG Free For All
It's been a long time since I played a non-interactive deck. I thought it might be boring, but I needed a palate cleanser.

Round 1FederationBrian LeonardFW (+100)
Brian and I played very similar decks. We seeded 4 missions in common. He had a different draw engine though. My dilemmas really won this game for me. His Enterprise was destroyed with all hands. He never really recovered from that. This game only took about 50 minutes. Final result was 120-0

Round 2BorgMichael MoskopFW (+64)
I hadn't seen the Borg in like a decade. Not a whole lot happened in this game. We stayed far away from each other on the opposite ends of the spaceline. Michael managed to scout one mission for 25 points. I did 3 missions for 125, but a Higher The Fewer chopped 16 off that. One of his dilemmas assimilated one of my personnel. This game took less than 45 minutes. The final result was 109-26.

Round 3TerranEdward PigmanMW (+30)
I only barely won this game. Dilemmas were causing us both problems. I had to STP my Enterprise back to hand in the first couple of turns, lest a dilemma kill off the crew. Then when I got it back out, it got Cytherian. Fortunately, the Walls of Ships boosted the range so it only took a couple of turns. Those bonus points were 25% of my score. Edward had a couple of ships blow up on him due to my dilemmas. He managed to get through one planet mission for 30 points and I got through one for 40 + 5 Specialist points. This game timed out. Final result was 60-30.

Closing Thoughts
I think the deck could have used a couple more Medical, to bust through a few dilemmas. Aside from that, it was fairly solid. Though it didn't feel especially fast, it did win 2 games with lots of time still left on the clock. Despite winning the tournament, I still feel like I'd rather play an interactive deck.