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Brian S (JeBuS)
Tournament Report - 1E
2016-07-23 - 12:00 PM
I remember liking OTSD way back when. I must have forgotten how badly a player can get screwed by the random distribution of cards. I didn't get enough dilemmas: 2 space, 2 s/p, 10 planet. On top of that, my mission selection was rather limited. There were exactly 6 missions that my personnel had the skills to complete. But I could only use 5 because I needed to use a NA mission for the Husnock outpost. Not that it mattered. The likelihood of getting out the few people I needed to solve was so low, the spaceline didn't matter much to me. Still a fun day, though.

Round 1Brian LeonardFL (-100)
The writing was on the wall early for this one. I even went so far as to seed 3 artifacts under Brian's missions as rewards for him. Yes, that's right. I pulled 3 artifacts in OTSD. Brian cleared a mission or two, then I went and cleared out a couple more of his missions (full of misseeds planted by me to make it look like I had a healthy supply of dilemmas) so that he could finish the game quickly.

Round 2KlingonMichael MoskopFL (-75)
Michael got about 90 points fairly quickly. I basically just reported people and equipment, because there were no missions I could complete. Then when I finally drew Suna, I used reflection therapy to get Astrophysics (yes, that's how bad my skill pool was!) so I could solve my one and only mission of the day for 25 points.

Round 3ByeBY (0)

Closing Thoughts
Shitty cards, but still a great day.