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Triumph (Triumph)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Online Event
2011-04-06 - 06:00 PM
I decided to try to play an AU TNG deck. I shouldn't have, LOL. It's more terrible than my decks usually are. :) Only in the third game was it's performance anywhere close to satisfying. My dilemmas were bad too.

Round 1Tjark OttFL (-50)
Tjark used two-mission win Cadets and Kirk OT. He solved POM pretty quickly, got ten for Diplo-Envoy Enterprise and 5 for Mission Accomplished, making it 55 to 5 (since I also got 5 for the D). He head to Restore Errant Moon next. By an idiotic blunder, I miscounted my attributes and failed to realize I could complete my mission, which meant I took an extra turn solving it. I finally finish, get 35 for the mission, 5 for the Enterprise, so I had 45. I got off a couple attempts at Track Survivors, but Tjark had piled up enough to solve. He got 40 for the mission, 10 for Enterprise, and 5 for Mission Accomplished. I got another 5 from his Enterprise. Final score 110 to 50, with FW to Tjark.

Round 2macgyverFL (-100)
Macgyver221 was playing two-mission TNG also, though this time it was actual TNG and not Cadets. He headed to Peaceful Contact for his space mission. I went to ABS, but all the dilemmas he played bounced, so I spent a while beating my head. Meanwhile he slowly accumulated dilemmas at PC. His only Honor was Picard, which allowed to pick him off and prevent a solve a couple times. He eventually solved PC, with two Mission Accomplished out, and aboard the Enterprise-D Personal Flagship, so he scored 55 points. He moved on to Track Survivors. I stopped him there but gave him 4 dilemmas under. I still couldn’t overcome dilemmas to finish ABS, running into walls like Gomtuu and Center of Attention. He finally solved Track Survivors, getting the same bonus points as before, to net another 55 points. Full win to him, 110 to 0.

Round 3DominionJoshua SheetsFL (-20)View opponent's Report
Prylardurden was playing a Dominion deck – high strength Jem’Hadar tackling low strength missions. My opening hand was extremely lame – three ships, only one personnel with a staffing icon. He started attempting Survey New World; We’ll Never Know stops him. I started at ABS, but Tactical Disadvantage stopped me. I played too few dilemmas on his second SNW attempt, filtering out three guys, but not enough to stop him. Tactical Disvantage hits me again. Score is 35-0. His beefy Jemmies moved on to Obtain a Vaccine. I stopped him the first time – he had exactly 32 strength. Gorgan hits me this time. On Prylar’s next turn, Picking up the Pieces failed to stop anyone (Ometiklan had Geo, but no one else had Geo or Program). My other dilemma wasn’t enough to stop him. He solved to make the score 65 to 0. He mega-attempted Elude Federation Forces with 15; I managed to stop him with several filters followed by Breaking the Ice; he has 4 dilemmas under, though. Next I finally solved ABS, so it’s 65-40 (5 for Diplo Envoy). I returned to HQ, picked up a boatload of people, and flew to Track Survivors; he gave me only Polywater, and I solved. Score now 65 to 80 (another 5 for Diplo Envoy). Next turn he got 5 for Eris the Harbinger. 70 to 80. He attempted EFF with 15 again. Personal Duty stopped a whopping nine personnel; I ultimately stopped all his guys, but put a TON of dilemmas under. I go to try to solve Geo Survey; attempt once and fail, but get two dilemmas under; make a second attempt and Prylar won. He played Hard Time, and out of six personnel he randomly picked Davies, my only Physics in that group; if he’d picked ANY of the other 5 personnel, I would have solved and won. With nine dilemmas under his EFF, he autosolved next turn. FW for Prylardurden, 100 to 80.

Round 4StarfleetEdward Butler IIIFL (-100)
Eeb3 played a Delphic Starfleet deck. It did the usual ASFSE + AWC? trick to get lots of counters, but had an odd mix of Damaged peeps and MACOs and even AU Starfleet guys. I started at ABS, he started Eliminate Sphere Network. I totally misplayed my dilemmas on his first attempt, giving Healing Hand when he had no Medical and Occupational Hazards when he had multiple Treachery (thanks to those AU guys). I’m really terrible at this game. With a little help from Standard Punishment, eeb3 solved ESN on his first attempt, making the game 50-0 (10 for his HH HQ). He stopped me next turn with one Breaking the Ice. He Spatially Reconfigured Secure Strategic Base to start attempting there; I stopped him but gave him way too many and put 4 under. I failed again at ABS. I played a useless In Development next turn against eeb3; it stopped three people, and he solved SSB. Score is now 80-0 (minus 5 from ASFSE at the end of his turn, combined with various AWC? games, makes it 70-0). I stopped him at Investigate Refinery, on my turn attempt and could solve ABS…except that I was attempting it the whole game with too little Cunning. I can’t play this game. I coulldn’t draw any useful dilemmas next turn (even using Unexpected Difficulties), so he solved and won the game, 105-0. FW to to eeb3.